Interview with Josh Comrie
Co-Founder & CEO @ Ambit AI

Chatbots are changing the way that companies communicate - with both their customers and their employees. They represent endless possibilities for forward-thinking businesses looking to maximize the value of their everyday conversations. Business focused and aligned, an Ambit powered chatbot will carve a direct path to meeting your strategic objectives. They simplify the development experience, delivering the best conversational experience to your customers and internal stakeholders, and enabling you to leverage your newfound business improvement opportunities.
Hi Josh! Could you please introduce your work with Ambit AI and tell us a bit more about what led to your co-founding the company?
So, I'm Josh Comrie, the CEO and one of the founders of Ambit. We're a conversation platform based in Auckland, New Zealand with markets in Auckland and, the rest of New Zealand and, to Australia and, some customer prospect conversations on the way in the UK, Germany and, North America. So, the formation of the company was an interesting journey, we were brought together, a group of four leaders to discuss some prospects of business ideas without necessarily anything definite in mind. At the outset of those conversations, we went through a structured process of dissecting each other's ideas and then, business model canvassing some things off the back end of that, we then, had some opportunities that came up to discuss, some IOT, some artificial intelligence, and some data rated projects. We landed on AI, as we saw that it was, some bleeding edge technology that would have a meaningful impact upon the world, we believed and, also that was at the early stage of technology adoption, and, so we began the business just over two years ago.
What is the most unique aspect of Ambit's Synapse platform? How does it assist in streamlined evolution in the chatbots?
So, as a conversation platform, we are uniquely placed to be agnostic of use case and, we've deployed across sales, internal service, external service, customer acquisition, customer retention, development programs. And, also, we've navigation oriented projects. We're agnostic of the industries that we've worked and so, we've delivered to utilities, financial services, professional services, retail, government, and telecommunications. And so, we have understandings of all of those different sectors. And, we also have a light services component to what we do as well. So, that enables us to pass on control and management of the conversation experience to our customers. And, lastly, we've delivered across a range of different channels voice, we can deliver to digital avatar and also obviously text, Messenger, Slack, Skype Microsoft teams and we're able to work with platforms such as Instagram, Kik, Snapchat and so on. And so, a number of things might make us unique as a business. But, really being able to deliver a very human-like experience through a variety of different channels is really the key for us.
What are some of the biggest changes, trends and innovations affecting the world of natural language processing?
We're finding that customers demanding a frictionless experience that goes to them where they are and, enables them to converse on a basis that works for them. And so, enlightened organizations that we're working with are, deploying experiences that incorporate voice, text, and, across a variety of different messaging platforms and also web. And some of those that are experimenting, even more, are hitting into doing some, doing some work with a digital avatar side of things. And so, that's the customer demand on the natural language processing side, It's really about ensuring that you deliver to the places that customers are going to want to work with you. So, that means being able to function with the home speaker, kind of setups that exists, so, Google Home, Alexa, Apple products as well, obviously, but also, ensure that you have as natural an experience as possible, and so, some of the work that's been done on the spaces has fallen short because, there's a lot of delay and lag and, customers want real-time short form conversation experience which is as natural as possible enables them to get the quickest outcome.
What have been some of the most unexpected sectors in which you've seen Ambit's chatbots thrive and add value to companies?
At the formation of the company, we expected that we'd be strong in financial services and whilst that has been borne out, the surprise to us has been the orientation of internally focused conversation agents. And so, those that deliver an Ichat experience firstly and, secondly, an IT helpdesk experience and so, that means that it's really enabling the organization to achieve some efficiencies, but also, deliver it in a way that is aligned with customers expectations, and, things like IT helpdesk, the majority of those calls that come through, you know, we are over 50 percent and nearly every organization are low level and don't really require a human to be involved so, password resets, my machine is broken, I can't access this application. And so, those are really best delivered through a conversation agent and you find that people are, feel a little bit sheepish if they're calling up for the third time in a month to reset their password and so, that those internal use cases that probably the biggest surprise for us.
What's next for Ambit? What sectors, markets, and products will you be focusing on for the next year?
Personally, I'm about to make the move from Auckland, New Zealand my home and, the founding of this business to Australia, to build the next phase of the business for us and then, determine which is the next best market for us, so, that's the market. In terms of sectors, we strong in financial services. So, that's where we'll focus on bigger markets such as Australia and, that's likely to be the case in North America, for example, and also continue on retail growth as well. Talking about the product and the platform, that's when things get really exciting. So, there's an opportunity for us to be and do much more on behalf of our customers and act as a conversation hub inside the organization, so, what that means is, as act as a central point where all of the different feeder, feeding points across the organization such as, email, telephone, web forms and, obviously, conversation agents, chatbots are being processed and being stored in one location and then, actionable insights are able to be extracted based upon thematic analysis and then, some sentiment analysis and then, the organization can act and make some interventions to enable better delivery of customer experience and, creation of products and, all this amazing stuff. So, a really exciting year ahead of Ambit.