Interview with Jonathan Hay
Public Figure @ Jonathan Hay Celebrity

Jonathan Hay is a publicist and record producer. His music career started in the 1990s when he stumbled upon a recording studio while attending college in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2018, Hay produced two albums and a single that topped the Billboard Charts in multiple genres including Hip-Hop, Jazz and Christian music.
Hi Jonathan! Could you please introduce your current work as a publicist and what led to your realizing this was the career for you?
When I became a publicist, It was an accident, really, I just kind of fell into it and, you know and I've had some pretty good success. But looking at this video clearly I should have been a hair model, look at this hair. I'm in the wrong profession folks. If any hair sponsors are watching get at me, and I'm a multi-platinum publicist. Look at the hair though. I want to be a hair publicist.
What are some of the biggest misconceptions your fans and the general public have regarding your work?
I think the biggest misconception about my job. Is that my work is that people think that it's fun. It's not, it sucks. So that is the misconception is my job is not fun. I promise you my job is just as stressful as yours. I promise my job is just as taxing and there is a lot of sacrifices. I spend a lot of time away from my children that I wish I had back. So I guess that is, I guess that's the biggest misconception is that. There has been some success and you know there's been some money made but, you know, time spent time with your children, spend time with your wife. Love.
Who have been some of your biggest clients as a publicist? What are your main client acquisition channels?
The biggest thing that I've ever been involved in is Rihanna's Pon De Replay, her first single. There was a very controversial marketing and publicity campaign that was around that but to hear that song from the first drumbeats to see what it launched has been incredible so, I think without question, Pon De Replay, I think the projects that I'm doing right now, you know I had some records that hit number one last year. I had three projects that hit number one last year on Billboard, and I think I have five more comings here this year. I think my best work is about to be released now.
You've carved out a place for yourself in the Los Angeles publicity industry. How have you managed to stand out from the rest?
I've been able to stand out from the rest as a publicist because obviously some of the publicity stunts that I did, you know, when I was in my 20s and 30s and rebellious and defiant, but nowadays I find myself really passionate about crisis management. And that's why I've been recognized by both the New York Times and The Rolling Stone for some of my work at a very high level and some of the crisis that I've been able to successfully manage and navigate and do publicity there. So, in my 40s and now that I've settled down, I like, I found myself liking that side of PR more than anything is crisis management, and I've had some really big success and I've had some really big clients. But the success comes from managing the crisis, getting resolve, resolving conflict. That's what I'm really happy about. I found myself more of an activist lately, to be honest.
What's next for your work as a publicist and producer? What are the main projects, partnerships and productions you'll be focusing on throughout the year?
Have some really cool projects to finished this year. Honestly like I said in the other clip without a doubt this is the best music I've ever made. Sure a lot of people say that and they're biased to their own music but this is it. Like, in May, I'm putting on the album, June, July, August, September. Five months. I'm going to have five months of consecutive number one Billboard albums I'm going to do that and two of those are jazz and one is a comedy album. I'm very excited about this year. I'm very excited about all the work that's happening. This is my best work. Not being cocky. I can just hear it, and I know that we're onto something. So and huge collaborations with the biggest artists right now. Very very excited with everything that's going on. So stay tuned. Keep following me and yes you're going to really really really really be impressed to see what I'm doing.