Interview with John Eisen
Founder at NAVEM Consulting

Entrepreneurs face a wide range of challenges. From growing at the right pace, to establishing a successful company and then mysteriously hitting a brick wall 80% of the way there---we help entrepreneurs with a personal approach that feels like going to see your doctor. As an "entrepreneur doctor" we listen to your symptoms, and then prescribe our own solutions. Our clients span a wide range of industries: healthcare, health & wellness, food & beverages, fashion, apparel, social media, education, entertainment, and non-profit. Please visit our website for more information.
Hello John, what made you take the leap to found your own startup?
This all began a year ago actually, right behind me, a friend of mine was over and she said, why don't you just start your own consulting practice you've been helping people for free for 10 years, why not? And she was right for the last 10 years I've been helping my friends privately off the cuff at lunches and dinners, at happy hours and I enjoy it. People would share their problems or tell me what was going on with their businesses, with their companies, with their employees and I would offer solutions and, again, my friends decided that I should start charging for it and make a business out of it. So that is how NAVEM Consulting was born.
Who are the main clients of NAVEM Consulting, and how has your clientele changed since you founded the company in Dec 2017?
My clients are typically entrepreneurs who are my age, fellow millennials. I run into two types of situations most of the time. Number one companies that are trying to determine how quickly to scale, how quickly to grow, if they grow too quickly, can be damaging, if they grow too slowly they may miss out on opportunities. The second thing I see is companies that have already done the hard part of launching, you know forming the businesses there, the foundation has been built, they are 80 % of the way there but there's some sort of wall that they have hit and usually they need an outside set of eyes to walk through that with them and figure out what's missing, what's happening and so we work together to get the company to 100% As far as how my clients have changed over the last year, again I've been helping businesses for many years before I formally launched NAVEM Consulting. This year it's been interesting because I've seen a few clients that are from the entertainment industry, I also work as an actor here in Los Angeles I'm a member of SAG AFTRA the main union for TV and film actors and so it's been fun to kind of have my two worlds converge if you will, because previously it's been separate, I have business people that I'm helping and then I have my world where I'm working with artistic people all the time so it's been fun to see some of that come together as I'm helping a few clients right now.
You come from a long line of entrepreneurs, what industries were your fore-fathers and mothers apart of?
My great grandfather had a painting company in Germany. My grandfather immigrated to the United States and started a meat company with my grandmother, they were working in a meat factory in Minnesota as poor immigrants they saved up enough money to buy their first animal, slaughter that animal and then that began their meat company and then my father about 30 years ago launched his own venture that's also food-related and then, now I have joined the club, so that is how I come from a line of entrepreneurs. I'm a fourth generation entrepreneur.
What is your long-term vision for NAVEM Consulting?
My long-term vision for my company is pretty straightforward, it's to keep doing what I'm doing, I enjoy it, I enjoy the one on one interaction with clients and sometimes with their staff or their associates because I, as I mentioned in a different answer, I work as an actor, my consulting work fills in my schedule when I'm not doing acting and so I don't have any plans to build NAVEM into a large company, or to hire a bunch of other consultants, potentially I'd maybe hire someone down the road to handle the research or some of the administrative duties, but honestly I think it's important for me to do a lot of the research myself to understand the particular industry my clients is in, and the challenges they're facing and it really gets me on the same page as them. So at this point, the vision is to keep doing what I'm doing, maybe fit in more clients than I am right now, but then it just depends, it's a balance between the acting work that I love so much and these fun peculiar interesting amazing entrepreneurs that I get to help and work with.
Do you have any goals personal or professional to complete by the end of 2018? What does 2019 hold in store for you?
My personal and professional goals for 2018 have pretty much been accomplished. I'm freakishly organized and goal oriented, so in a couple of weeks I'll be getting a check and that will check off one particular goal I had for 2018. Another goal for 2018 was really out of my control but I did, I did all the steps that I could to make it happen and it might happen Q1 or Q2 next year so we will see 2019, I have some fun things happening on the acting side, three films that one of them for sure where I've I've landed a lead role and which will take some time away from consulting and then the other two parts are supporting roles but I'm excited about those projects. Really, my goal for 2019. I'd love to be able to do three consulting clients a month but that might be a little bit tricky with the film schedule that's shaping up for the first six months of the year and I would like to take on a couple more clients in social media, I have a few that have been really fun but social media in particular is an area I would really like to learn more about because everybody seems to have an opinion on it these days. So those are my goals and that's how for 2019 and that's how 2019 is shaping up.