Interview with Joachim Schnaitter
Account Director Digital @ Lunik2 Marketing Services GmbH

Lunik2, headquartered in Linz, is a marketing and communications agency consisting of the three companies Lunik2 Marketing Services GmbH, Lunik2 Communication & Strategy Services GmbH and Cyberhouse GmbH. With its comprehensive consulting, creative content, digital and media know-how and the associated pronounced understanding of the entire customer journey, it is one of the leading full service agencies in Austria. In the premises of the tobacco factory in Linz, customers such as Hofer, Intersport, the Vienna Stock Exchange, the voestalpine, FACC and many more are looked after. For the first time, campaigning, digital and advertising have been fully integrated into one organization, allowing for unique strategic control across all touchpoints.
HI Joachim! Could you please introduce your work with Lunik2? What led to your working with the company back in 2015?
My team and I develop digital strategies and execute on land marketing actions for the customers of Lunik2. The reason why I joined Lunik2 in 2015 was quite simple: I got the opportunity, I was offered the job and I was ready to challenge, to develop the digital department, together with the CEOs of Lunik2.
What are some of the more challenging aspects of working as a digital account director with a digital marketing agency?
The challenge is: to keep pace with the highly dynamic field of the digital business, which affects both the settings of our customers and their markets, as well as our agency itself. You have to change and develop constantly.
What kind of projects and campaigns did conduct for the Vienna Stock Exchange?
We've been working for the Vienna Stock Exchange for the last three years, mainly in the field of programmatic advertising - doing campaigns and all that stuff - and, most importantly, we are the exclusive marketer of their digital data inventory.
What are some of the biggest trends and innovations affecting your industry? What is Lunik2 doing to adapt to these innovations?
Short and simple: brands, storytelling and data. At the end it comes to these two main pillars: to tell your brand story consistently and regularly on your relevant touch points or channels, and you have to do this on the basis of clear and segmented data structure. So therefore, we permanently develop our abilities in the team, and upgrade our tools and resources.
What's next for your work with Lunik2? What are the main projects, partnerships and campaigns you'll be focusing on in the next months?
Our main target for the future is to deliver relevant services with the whole digital value chain for our customers, with a strong focus on customer experience along the whole journey.