Interview with Javed Khan
Founder @ EMpression

Javed is an accomplished & engaging speaker and voice-over talent who, as an Accredited Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact, has presented to over 7,200 business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals, teaching the latest marketing trends & best practices. In his 20 years of experience in marketing, brand and communications, he has had the privilege of working with many top level financial services firms, including Trimark Investments (now Invesco Canada), Franklin Templeton Investments, and Manulife Investments. His extensive experience includes sports marketing, a realm in which he worked with the Toronto Raptors Basketball Club in the 1990s, and which enabled him to bring a different and well-rounded perspective to client partner’s business challenges. As a result of this wealth of knowledge and experience, Javed understands and appreciates the challenges facing business owners, and have the ability to analyze and deliver marketing programs customized to the unique needs of each client partner. Click here to visit EMpression
Hi Javed! Could you please introduce EMpression and what led to your founding the company back in 2008?
EMpression is a full-service marketing services company. We are not an agency, we focus in on four services that we fundamentally, as an organization believe organizations, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs would require in the evolution of their business. So we focusing on website services, copywriting services, digital media, and digital marketing services, and then, certainly creative and graphic design and within those four services, there are what we call sub-services. Now the rationale behind our organization is focused on three key pillars collaboration, purpose, and strategy, and I would say a fourth one that's execution. So we help organizations build their marketing strategy, we found that people don't actually know or have a fully comprehensive marketing strategy, and then within that strategy, we will build an execution tactical plan and the bonus there is we will help you execute on that plan so you, as a business, organization, entrepreneurs, solopreneur focus on what you do best.
How have you honed the service offering and repertoire of the company in the past decade? How have you carved out a niche for the company?
So over our time as an organization, we've come to the realization that individuals and organization, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs are going to go through an evolution of their business. They are going to start at a fundamental level and they're going to start to grow over time. So we've recognized that they're going to require fundamental services from a marketing perspective hence our various marketing services that we have put together things like website services, copywriting services, digital media, digital marketing services and that entails within that whole service, video, email, landing pages anything really related to digital. And the fourth is graphic design, creative design because clearly, you need to have a look and feel need to have some level of a brand identity and brand strategy. So we've come up with those first services with that in mind with the overarching thought process that this is all around a purpose. You need to develop a purpose for your marketing and a strategy that focuses on that purpose. And then those executions, the tactical stuff is the search services that we've noted and incorporated, in terms of a niche we haven't really focused in on a niche. We believe that fundamentally marketing is marketing and it is can and can be for any diverse audience so our audiences are very diverse. We are really really good at taking our fundamentals and implementing it within those specific industries and within the organizations, entrepreneurs solopreneurs that we connect in with.
How does your speaking career intersect with your work with EMpression? What are some events you typically speak at?
So one of the passions I've always had and I've had the opportunity now to speak locally and internationally for many years and I've spoken in front of over nine thousand five hundred individuals representing hundreds and hundreds of organizations is speaking. I really have this passion of getting on stage and having a conversation about a topic area that I'm passionate about. And one of the styles I like is, I like to engage with individuals. I like to give them homework and really get them understanding that hey today you're going to hear from me we're going to have a topic that we're going to speak on and then we're gonna both gonna learn, but I want you to do something I want you to action. So because of that reason I do get asked by a lot of organizers in diverse areas I've spoken in front of festival events people, I spoke in front of financial advisors, financial professionals, mortgage professionals, accountants, lawyers, dentists, dental hygienists. So I I have the ability to speak to a wide diverse group of audiences in terms of the topic areas that I bring which usually tends to be the sandbox of marketing and personal brand. Now because of my innate ability, I'm always being asked back. And I'm very blessed that I do get a very high rating in terms of feedback, most importantly I get also an opportunity to connect and with amazing individuals and in many cases they would like to connect it with me to do some work together and that's how the impression and the speaking side kind of start coming together. I get a lot of connections but I also get a lot of opportunity to have conversations with individuals who I find have gaps in their marketing that we potentially can help out.
Who have been some of the biggest clients of EMpression? What is your typical user base?
So good question. The typical user base or, in our case, the characteristic that we have outlined is of some interest to the viewer here. Our typical user base or characteristics kind of go into four areas, first and foremost, first characteristic and not in any particular order, but the first characteristic is that the individual recognizes that this is a long term investment, this is something that is on a long term basis, not a short term fix meaning the marketing side, building a comprehensive marketing plan, building a comprehensive marketing strategy and executing on the program that's going to take some time. It's not going to, success is not going to happen overnight, whatever that KPI, key performance indicator success it is. Second of all that the individual from a characteristic standpoint has recognized that there's some investment of dollars here that, in many cases is going to be a monthly, what we call a marketing service retainer plus the technical services that we provide. So there's some investment here that that needs to be part of the overall budget. The third characteristic is that they recognize that marketing is not sales, sales is not marketing, so there is a separation of these two areas. We do purely marketing and that can be collaboratively with a sales team. The fourth characteristic and the last one is that they recognize that they aren't the ones that are going to be the ones doing everything. This is a collaborative approach, so you know, they need to keep continue to do what they're really really good at, they need to allow us and trust us to do what we are good at and not as building strategically and executing a marketing program for them, so this is more of a collaborative approach more of an opportunity where we work together collaboratively for that one goal. So, therefore, our client base is a very diversified, very diversified in terms of where they're coming from the size, the range, because our model we fundamentally believe can be applied to any particular organization, small, medium, very large.
What's next for your work with EMpression, as well as your speaking career? What are the main goals, partnerships, and events you'll be focusing on throughout 2019?
So there is continued interest from my side to keep upping my game, and from the speaking side always interested in speaking with organizers who are looking for speakers that can provide some level of entertainment, engagement, insight, interaction with audience members and be a little different than any other, as I've mentioned before any other speakers, so really focusing on organizations that have a diverse audience who are focused and helping their particular audience with their marketing efforts with the changing tide of the way we are marketing ourselves, the way we are looking at ourselves from a brand perspective and really interested in actionable items, that's the key. People who are gonna be interested in knowing and hearing from a speaker but also interested in things that they can action within 24 to 48 hours and even further. From the company side, we are continually looking at opportunities to build our exposure with organizations that are looking for a collaborative partner who can provide marketing services that we can provide help build their marketing strategy, execute upon their marketing strategy and then collaborate together as an organization as a team. Those early are our focuses for this year moving forward, organizations that believe in our fundamentals and are part of that characteristic, from a speaking side, organizers who are interested in a speaker like myself who can bring not only the value of content but also the engagement and actionable ideas and topics. So those are the two that we're looking for for this year.