Interview with Itzhak Fisher
Founder & General Partner @ Pereg Ventures

Our deep domain expertise and global network of trusted relationships (Nielsen and Tata among others) opens doors and new possibilities for the startups we work with. Established in 2012 and headquartered in New York City, Pereg was founded by Itzhak Fisher and Ziv Ben Barouch. With over 100 prior investments under their belts, Pereg's management team utilizes three decades’ worth of experience in the investment and startup world. Pereg seeks disruptive B2B data ventures, particularly in the areas of retail tech, e-commerce, digital marketing, and consumer behavior. Check out Pereg Ventures here.
Hello Itzhak! What makes Pereg Ventures unique from other data venture investment firms?
Pereg Ventures is unique from other data ventures in two aspects. One, we exist for less than four years, we invested in 13 companies. We have had two successful exits, and we have returned over 30 percent of money committed to our LPs and we have a high rate of IRR. In addition to all of that, our investment in those certain companies is an active investment. We sit on most boards, we help his business development and we help his strategy. We help our companies by introducing them to strategic partnership and key clients and giving them strategic advice of where the product should they go. We help them with hiring, and we help them with the finding the right financing vehicles when they try to raise additional money. We have been very successful in our strategy of being hands-on, because of our experience and because of the strategic Lps we have with Nielsen and Data from India is our key strategic investors and those companies have provided a lot of values to the companies that we invest money.
Besides investment, what are most of the companies you partner with looking for when they work with Pereg Ventures?
Companies that partner with us, first and foremost they look for capital, which we provide them gladly. In addition, they are looking for us for expertise and data and analytics. We help them find their new partners, new data sets as they can combine with the products and we help them in a signing key strategic deals with the companies in the space. We also make a lot of introductions to key clients and we help them in raising additional capital when the time comes for additional loans.
How did your time with Nielsen Holdings influence your work with Pereg Ventures? What were some of the most integral investments you deployed prior to founding Pereg Ventures?
In the seven and a half years I've spent in Nielsen, I fulfilled a couple of keyholes. I was head of the digital products, I was head of global products and strategy and I was head of MNA and business development As head of MNA and business development, in the last year that I was at Nielsen, we did 17 deals of MNA and business development. Making those deals I think it prepared me well for Pereg Ventures. Pereg Ventures is the strategic venture arm of Nielsen. We work very closely with Nielsen, and we started with other strategic partners. Having myself as the head of business development and the MNA at Nielsen opened the creative, I would say, new all of this for me, especially when it comes to companies that specialize in data and analytics. The leading companies in CPG and in the media and those relationships are fully utilized and deployed when I'm now in Pereg Ventures.
What are some of the main misconceptions the general public has regarding the importance of branching the American-Israeli startup ecosystems?
There is a lot of misconceptions in the general public about the importance of the branching of Israeli companies mainly to the US. Israel is a great technology hub. It has a lot of innovation, a lot of great products and services that are created in Israel with special and specific IP, focusing on cyber, and focusing on FinTech and focusing on media and EdTech. All those companies that provide and develop all those wonderful products and services at the end of the day, the main customer bases is in the US, and while Israel is great in developing these products, and building platforms and being on the technical side, when it comes to sales and marketing and packaging, I would say, they need American expertise, and most companies that I've invested in became highly successful had a combination of Israel and the US where the US is being in the marketing and sales and strategic directive and usually the Israeli are in this centre where the market is going for them to prepare and develop the new products so it is a winning combination, but it has to be done right.
What's next for your work with Pereg Ventures? What are the main sectors, markets, and partnerships you'll be focusing on now that it's 2019?
We are almost done with Fund One. We are over 70 percent invested, we are now launching our efforts to raise Fund Two. Fund Two is going to be a hundred million dollar fund. We are going to focus on Israel and the US as our markets to invest in, similar to what we did in Fund One, but we are going to invest in higher amounts per company, and more multiple answers than we invested in the Fund One. In our ways that we are going to focus on bringing strategic LP like we did in funds one, Data, Nielsen and additional companies that we are currently negotiating or talking to. We are going to focus in on data and analytics. We are going to continue to dive into the media, in the retail sectors and we might even do some fintech work especially when it comes to data and analytics. Our experience in Fund One is going to be utilized in deploying more money in Fund Two. We have done extremely well in Fund One and I'm very proud of the achievements that we have done and I believe that we can capitalize on them in order to have a Fund Two even more successful than Fund One.