Interview with Inna Armstrong
Co-Founder @ CleverBooks

CleverBooks brings revolutionary approach towards teaching existing subjects by combining truly innovative augmented reality (AR) technology with traditional techniques to enhance children’s learning and building the future of education. We lead by example.
What's next for CleverBooks, as well as your own career?
At CleverBooks we put a strong emphasis in development off the quality of contents, and at the moment we have two main solutions for geometry and for geography for the primary years. By the end of 2019, we are planning to fully cover primer a curriculum that can fit any curriculum in the world, because we have educators and schools using the solution all around the world and at the same time we are initiating the official research in the use of augmented reality in education to put in place assessment plans and to prove the measured results of how 3D visualization and the technology can help the kids to improve and excel in their learning. At the same time, we're doing a lot of public speaking on the topic of empowering children and empowering learning through augmented reality to help the educators understanding of how to use the technology, what the benefits are for the kids, and how to bring education from the analog age to the 21st century.
What are some of the biggest benefits of bringing AR into the classroom? How does it specifically help students with learning difficulties?
One of the biggest benefits of the use of augmented reality in education is to help visualize abstract objects in 3D, and augmented reality is one of the technologies that can actually support any learning style. If your child perceives the information better as in the audio, on the outdoor formats. And if we talk about kids with special needs and learning difficulties it really helps them immersing learning and use the audio information, the allergy information and playing with a solution. For example, you can see this is one of the solutions, where kids can look at different objects visually, they play with it, and at the same time the solution is voiced over by the kids, so they can hear they can learn the vocabulary, they can learn the language as well. And for kids for example with ADHD, kids can't concentrate on one specific subject like math, this really helps them to immerse and engage in learning and actually learn through the interaction.
What has been the feedback from parents who have order their own CleverBook for their children?
We have received an amazing feedback from parents and from educators all around the world on clever books educational solution and how the kids get engaged in learning and it's a quality screen time a quality content that the kids can use not only in the classroom but also in the home environment, instead of playing video games, something where they immerse in learning and they have a great opportunity to discover and learn more with the geography or the geometry solution. And if they're using it's at home it still has a strong academic relevance so they're learning outside of the school hours and they're developing the skills necessary for the 21st century.
Hey Inna! Thanks for interviewing with us. Could you start off by telling us a bit more about CleverBooks and what led to your co-founding the company?
In CleverBooks we set standards in the usable augmented reality technology in education. We provide schools with stem oriented educational resources powered by augmented reality that helps to visualize the subjects in 3D. We're aiming to minimize the gap between the traditional methods of teaching, and the learning demands of the kids in the 21st century. The educational resources powered by augmented reality can help the kids from early age to develop necessary skills to fit the future workforce. Help the teachers to teach according to the demands of the digital native kids and bring immersive and engaging learning through the interaction with technology.