Interview with Hilary Catton
Director of Customer Experience and Support @ BiggerPockets

With over 1,000,000 members, an abundance of forum posts, and limitless content, BiggerPockets aim to empower anyone interested in building wealth through real estate. Whether you’re just starting out, have a few deals under your belt, or are a seasoned veteran, BiggerPockets can help. They offer everything from networking opportunities, deal analysis tools, and courses to educational books, a top-rated podcast, and more. Their goal is to provide everyone with the resources and support they need to find their own success — whether that’s quitting a job to invest or simply creating additional passive income.
Hi Hilary! Could you please introduce your work with BiggerPockets and tell us a bit more about what led to your working with the company?
My name is Hilary Caton and I am the director of customer experience and support a bigger bigger pockets is a complete resource for anybody who is looking to go into real estate investing. If that means you have zero experience or you're a seasoned investor we really give you all the information that you need to succeed. If that's through webinars books or through just networking on our site I came to bigger pockets about four and a half years ago and I specifically came to bigger pockets because I wanted to do something different. I had come from the advertising space in Los Angeles and so I just kind of wanted to transition into something that I felt was being a little more helpful to people which has bigger pockets has been nothing but such an incredible experience and learning how people can succeed in real estate and retire at an early age so that they can spend time with their families and travel and not feel like they need to be at a desk all the time. And it's a great resource for anybody looking to go into real estate investing.
How is BiggerPockets redefining the way clients looking to invest in property or become involved in the real estate market?
Bigger pockets is really redefining the real estate space. We feel very proud that we have created a platform where people can feel safe learning about real estate investing without feeling like they're gonna be bombarded by ads or by people asking them to pay enormous amounts of money to learn how to succeed. We have forum posts webinars we sell books and we have podcasts. There's a route for you to learn about real estate investing. No matter which way you'd like to go and we really try to make sure that we can give you all the resources that we absolutely can for you to either quit your 9 to 5 job so that you can go on in your life and do all the things that you really want to do instead of sitting at a desk or if it's just creating passive income and you still keep your job. Either way our biggest thing that we care about is making sure that you're living your best life and making sure that we can give you everything that we can so that you feel like you can succeed and that you feel competent going into real estate investing especially if you don't know anything.
How has your role with BiggerPockets shifted since you first joined the company back in 2014?
My role a bigger pockets has changed a lot since I have been here the past four and a half years. I actually started as the assistant to the CEO and being the fourth employee I realized we didn't have a dedicated department at the time for customer experience customer support. So I put everything I could into learning how to have a very successful team and making sure that we were constantly hitting goals which we do I'm so proud of my team. We have won four awards in the past two years for our response times and ourP.S. scores and making sure that we really understand the company front words and backwards to be able to help our team our members as quickly as we can and to the best of our ability. It's been it's been a ride and I'm just so thankful that I've been given the opportunity that any time I want to implement something new. I'm given the go ahead and that it's created such a successful team and something that I am absolutely beyond proud of.
How did your work with the BiggerPockets real estate podcast influence the direction your work with the company took?
So between the time that I was an assistant and to now being the Director of Customer Support and experience I actually managed our podcast and that was a great insight into what our users want and what they want to hear. Working in that realm was incredible because I got to really listen to people who started from nothing and then created this enormous amount of wealth to be able to retire and share that with other people. And so I would listen to stories all the time and have to pick who I thought would be the most encouraging and who would get people super excited about real estate and I think that really understanding what we were putting out in the podcast really made me understand our members and what our members truly want out of our platform. And I think it's really helped in my side of the customer experience and where I listen to what people have to say and I bring that to the rest of the company to make sure that we are really on top of what people are asking for. And I think having that close relationship with our guests really gave me the understanding of what people were looking for because companies can't succeed if their clientele is not happy with what they're receiving. So I think it's definitely helped in the way that I run my department and also just the way that I look at our company in general.
What's next for your work with BiggerPockets? What are the main projects, partnerships and client bases you'll be focusing on throughout the next year?
The next big project that bigger pockets is working on our premium accounts. Right now we have three other different types of accounts but the premium ones will be specifically for companies and it's generating leads for them and giving them a new clientele in order to grow their company because of the amount of companies and people we plan to use. This new membership I am actually working closely with our growth team in order to come up with a new support team that will be specifically for our premium accounts. And so even though we have great response times for what we're doing now this will be something very specific for Premium Members only. And so it's been fun kind of learning about what else we can add in and what are other people not doing that will get people excited. And it's just been great to brainstorm and hopefully we have that launched in the next couple of months.