Interview with Harith Bakri
Co-Founder & VP Product @ Galaspace

Galaspace is headquartered in the heart of Singapore City. Galaspace is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, book and shares a unique awesome event space and event services. Whether a rooftop or a warehouse. They offer a variety of options for anyone to rent their event space to conduct an awesome and memorable event. Galaspace continues to further the improvement and is always looking forward to expanding.
How did you build up the networks and partnerships needed to start Galaspace's operations?
About creating the network and, also, finding the finances. Initially, it was hard because, you kind of like, face some challenges about your credibility and all that, we just, we had to overcome the “chicken or egg problem”, actually. And, also when you are new, you can like, you have to find someone who really knows the inside. So, we actually managed to find a member who has been experiencing in the industry and all that. And so, he gave us help with proper opportunity to connect with everyone on board. And, he gave us the time, also, for that.
Hi Harith! Could you please introduce your work with Galaspace and what led to your co-founding the company back in 2004?
It's not really 2004, the founding was in 2017. It's just two years ago and, to create a team is, you need to have some like-minded individuals. But, initially, for me, my network was too new because, I was young and, I'm still young also. So, I managed to find a team from, call it Huble Hotel. From there, I mean, I expect that, you know, this group of individuals would be really interested at first but then, as soon as they gained more interests of knowing what it is and what kind of value they going to provide to others, especially in terms of event planning and make it affordable we grow and execute the vision that we had. So, since then, we're trying to focus on scaling and also making everything affordable and let everyone organize events by themselves.
How is the rising tech ecosystem in Singapore affecting your clientele?
It gives a positive impression to the clientele because, the tech in Singapore is likely to be increasing and that's not much of, it is in the eye of integration and all that. It is still too early. It is at an early stage actually. But, there is a rising cost of the emergence of coworking space in Singapore, a well known is La French Tech as they brought in a lot of technologies that seem to be really interesting in the Singapore ecosystem but, it really gives us a positive impression, also, gain more network effect, also, from that. So, overall and to conclude with that, also, actually, it gives us proper direction on what we provide, what we are and, this kind of disposal also.
How is Galaspace changing the way companies and event organizers are collaborating and working with the public spaces of Singapore?
About that matter just that we want to reduce the time of planning and also, it is to create a smoother transition between event planners and also, the event partners, just to create a bridge in a better way that creates a faster way to plan it also. But, most importantly, we want to make it affordable.
What's next for your work with Galaspace? What are the main projects, partnerships and markets you'll be focusing on throughout the rest of the year?
Actually, we want to, about the objective right now, we want to introduce a new feature which is called common Hub which allows professional event planners to really guide so, if the did not plan the events with the client, we don't really we have to go to create an event for them, but the professional event planners will be a one-stop center for events. But yes, additional to that, we want to work toward him. Anyone, from anyone who doesn't have any experience in event planning, they can just create an event by themselves. With that, we want to achieve, we will be mainly focusing on weddings, social events, birthday parties so, it will reduce the need of event planners, actually. But, the emergence of professional event planners would seem to be, when the event is too complex and relatively expensive so, then you will need to have someone who is very experienced.