Interview with Gina Elise
Founder @ Pin-Ups For Vets

Pin-Ups For Vets raises funds to improve Veterans' healthcare, donates funds to VA hospitals for medical equipment and program expansion, improves quality of life for ill Veterans through personal bedside visits to deliver gifts. They also promote volunteerism at Veterans Hospitals, and boosts morale for deployed troops through delivery of care packages.
Hey Gina, can you tell us a little bit more about Pin-Ups For Vets, and your role at the company?
My name is Gina Elise and I am the founder of the non-profit organization Pin-Ups For Vets. We produce World War 2 style Pin-Ups calendars featuring female veterans that raise money to support our veterans and troop initiatives. We do everything from donating state of the art rehab equipment, to V.A. hospitals nationwide, to a 50 state hospital tour, where we hand deliver our Pin-Ups calendars as gifts of appreciation to hospitalized veterans. We also do makeovers for military wives and female veterans, and ship care packages to deployed troops.
Who are the main clients of Pin-Ups For Vets, and how do you initially assess how to best help new clients?
Our supporters consist of veterans and active duty service members and very patriotic Americans. As far as giving back, we have many different initiatives which support the veteran and military community, from donating rehab equipment to V.A. hospitals, to a 50 state V.A. hospital tour, where we delivered gifts of appreciation to hospitalized veterans around the country, to doing makeovers for military wives and female veterans, to shipping care packages to deployed service members, so we tried to really give back to the veteran and military community in a very unique way.
What are your typical tasks as President and Founder at Pin-Ups For Vets?
I do so many different things, as founder of Pin-Ups For Vets. I produce our fundraising pinup calendar every year, and that is just months of pre-production, production and post-production and the calendar is used for us to fundraise, to support our different initiatives. It's very important that we have a great calendar that we release every year. I produce fundraising events for us, I produce our hospital tours, we're in the middle of a 50 state V.A. military hospital tour, and I also do marketing and PR for the organization, we get interviewed a lot in the media so I'm constantly doing that as well, I definitely wear a lot of different hats as founder of the organization.
What is your long-term vision for Pin-Ups For Vets?
I really hope to just continue giving back to the military and veteran community through our various initiatives. We are in the middle of a 50 state V.A. military hospital tour where we have visited over 12000 veterans in 31 states, and so we would love to visit at least one V.A. hospital military hospital or state veteran's home in every state in the United States. I think that would that would be great.
What difference do you feel you are making to veterans' lives?
We do many different things for the military and veteran community, so I like to think that we're making an impact in many different ways. As far as the rehab equipment that we are donating to V.A. hospitals, that is helping veterans with their therapy, it's helping them to get better. As far as our hospital tour, where we dress up like 1940s Pin-Ups and hand deliver our calendars as gifts of appreciation, that is a morale boost for our veterans, it's reminding them that there are people out there that are not forgetting their service and sacrifice and want them to know how much we appreciate them. As far as the care packages that we shipped to our deployed troops that is just giving them a little piece of home and reminding them that we haven't forgotten, that there are troops deployed around the world. And as far as the makeovers that we do for military wives and female veterans, we do that as a unique way to show them appreciation to pamper them, because they sacrificed so much as well.
What type of person do you need to be in order to set up an organization like Pin-Ups for Vets?
I think you first have to decide what kind of impact you want to make in the world, and then have a very clear vision about how you want to make that impact. I think you have to be very resilient, I think you have to be able to take opinions from people. I think that you have to be creative, and when things come your way, and there's obstacles that will come your way, to look at them as more speed bumps instead of roadblocks and to know that you can get over them and so to just have that moving forward added to that resilience will help you so much.