Interview with Gary Levitt
Co-Founder @ Future Moments, Musician, Comedian

Comprised of musicians and engineers, we make top-notch mobile apps for content creation. Whether you’re a musician, filmmaker, podcaster, voiceover artist or creative hobbyist, we have an app that will make your life easier and your productions better. We've been written about in TechCrunch, Forbes, MacLife, Brooklyn and more. So far we've created MicSwap, MicSwap Pro, AudioFix: For Videos and AudioMaster. MicSwap was the first microphone modeler to hit the iTunes App Store and currently has over 425,000 downloads. The recently released AudioFix: for Videos and AudioMaster are broadly useful apps that immediately provide the final step for audio in podcasts, videos, voiceover, music, etc... Whatever content you're creating, we have tools that easily improve your audio. See all of our apps here. Future Moments was formed in 2015 by Gary Levitt and Wim De Nood. As a musician, recording engineer and songwriter Gary Levitt released 5 records under the band name Setting Sun. When not working on Future Moments, he regularly performs standup comedy in clubs around New York. Also a musician, Wim De Nood is an expert programmer who so far has created 15 iOS apps and 2 AppleTV apps. With a masters degree in Electrotechnical Engineering, Wim started his career as a backend web developer in 1999. He grew from a developer in a small company to product manager, and on to lead a large software team at ASML, one of the bigger multinationals in the Netherlands.
Hi Gary! Could you please introduce your work with Future Moments and what led to your co-founding the company?
My name's Gary Levitt. I am the co-founder of Future Moments, we make mobile apps for content creation. I've been a musician and recording engineer, and in 2015 I started Future Moments with the release of our first app called Mic Swap. It was the first Mic modeller and recorder to hit the App Store. It currently has over 500,000 downloads. We've since gone on to release a slew of other apps that will help in your audio and video production. One of them is called audio fixed for videos which immediately finalizes your audio and cleans, it and makes it really nice and loud for YouTube or anywhere else you share it. We've also released Audio Master and we just released another app called Here Boost which boosts your microphone up to 200 times what it normally picks up. Great tool for spying, recording, lectures or just eavesdropping.
From idea to launch, how long did it take to develop MicSwap? What did the first iteration of the app itself look like?
I'd say Mic Swap took about six months from idea to launch. It's such a feature-rich app that the first developer I was working with emailed me after about a month and saying, Gary, I am so sorry but I do not have the skill to finish this, so that was a setback and then I realized OK I need to find an IOS developer that is also a musician, because you kind of need to understand audio and different microphone sounds to make this app as cool as it could be. So I emailed about two hundred developers and finally thankfully found the right person and what is in the App Store now is pretty close to what we started with. There is more microphone sounds and this more features but it's pretty close to the original vision.
What has been the feedback from the community regarding MicSwap? Who are some of the main clients of the company thus far?
The feedback from Mic Swap has been great. We've gotten written up in Tech Crunch, Mac LIfe Forbes and more. It's been called the Instagram of audio because you can apply different audio filters to your recordings before you post and share them. When I designed the app I really thought it was gonna be for just musicians but to my surprise, it's now being used by podcasters. It's also being used by voiceover artists. They get Mic Swap Pro the pro version you can connect an external microphone to the app and on your iPhone or iPad you can get super high fidelity recordings and they just are able to record their voiceover work and deliver professional quality wherever they are.
Besides working with Future Moments, you're also a comedian and musician - you essentially have three careers. How do you balance your work between the three spheres of your life?
I think they all kind of aid each other. I mean, I work hard on Future Moments during the day then at night, I'm not doing comedy and music it all just gives me a creative rush and sometimes that creativity is funneled into Future Moments, sometimes it's funneled into comedy and sometimes music but it all kind of just serves to make me a whole person and a better person with each of these endeavors.
What's next for your work with Future Moments, as well as your work as a creator? What are the main partnerships, projects, and partnerships you'll be focusing on in 2019?
There's so much momentum for 2019 already. We have 2 IOS apps that are so close to finish, they're about to hit the store, but I can't say what they are yet. We just released Hear Boost on Android two weeks ago, so we're really kind of growing our Android market as we port more IOS apps that way so Future Moments is looking really great. We've got so many ideas on the table that we just need to put in the time and the work and they're all going to get out there eventually. With comedy I'm getting funnier getting better spots. Music is coming along, I'm writing more songs. 2019 is looking very exciting and A-OK.