Interview with Gabrielle Bosché
Founder & President @ The Millennial Solution

Gabrielle is known as America's Millennial expert. She is the President and Founder of The Millennial Solution, the fastest growing Millennial engagement firm in America. Gabrielle is frequently called upon to speak and consult on Millennial motivation and engagements for Fortune 500 Companies.
What makes The Millennial Solution unique from other platforms? What kind of growth has the platform experienced thus far?
I think the thing that really makes us unique is an organization we're really a network of people who are really passionate about bridging that generation gap, we say that we're experts in generational reconciliation. So we're a network of researchers and trainers and consultants that really use The Millennial Solution as a platform to serve major brands organizations and government agencies. And I think what really makes us unique is that we were started by a millennial and we aren't just talking about millennials, we are Millennials we're living it out although our whole team is multigenerational. I think our youngest trainers like 22 and our oldest is like 62. So that's pretty awesome. But when a lot of people are just kind of talking about them and how to fix the problem we're really having conversations from both angles and we're really we're started as a research firm. That's my background that's a lot of what we do and so we make sure any time we work with an organization to be really data-driven we're pretty big geeks around here and so we always want to make sure that when we're providing solutions for our clients that it's not opinion but it's a whole bunch of data and a whole bunch of solutions that have been proven and tracked and will make sure to either make the money or save the money or both. That's our big promise whenever we work with anybody.
Gabrielle, what’s the idea behind The Millennial Solution?
So I started the millennial solution when I was about 24 years old because frankly, I've been to one too many events where the people talking about millennials were not millennials also and they were just basically talking about a terrible generation. Millennials were and I had been researching millennials they wrote my first book about Millennials when I was 17, I was one of those geeky kids who just loved researching things and asking why and I kept looking at young people who everyone else seemed to be complaining about how this generation was entitled or lazy or they didn't want to work with them. And I just kept looking at my friends being amazed with how innovative and creative and just really justice oriented my generation was. So yeah. Fast forward about seven years I started my firm The Millennial Solution because I wanted to provide the leaders of governments, major brands and movements with information and skills to not only reach the next generation but to really have authentic conversations and relationships with them. So we've been able to work with a bunch of really cool groups, a bunch of major brands to help them have an authentic relationship an authentic connection with the next generation.
What are some challenges you can advise on for firms hoping to engage millennials?
For anybody who's looking to engage with Millennials I really always tell them to focus on two aspects. The first is expectations setting expectations is super super important. So making sure that everyone is on the same level with you making your expectations everything from how long they're going to state your company to how you're going to market to them to how you're going to serve them. That's a huge reason that this next generation is willing to move on is because their expectations aren't being met. So clarify clarify clarify expectations from the beginning and continuously throughout your relationship whatever that relationship looks like. Because we work with folks all the time who are looking at hiring millennials are retaining millennials or marketing the Millennials are turning millennials sales folks. We have a huge array of products that we have. So every single time whether it's any of those any of those products or working on we focus on first expectations and second context context is king to everything it's the why behind why you're doing what you're doing why are you selling that product or why are you going after this new direction as a company. So providing context to a generation that is going to want to know the way behind the what and how is super powerful. So those are really my two steps without you to get too deep into it that everyone should keep in mind when they're looking at engaging the next generation.
What is something that recently inspired you? Could be a film, magazine article, a great meal...
Oh man I think there's so many aspects of life that when you open your eyes are incredibly inspirational. I have conversations with folks all the time I'm traveling constantly so I really like to open my eyes and see the world around me and have conversations with folks I wouldn't normally have. So just yesterday I was having a phone call with a filmmaker who's in Hollywood talking about the changing nature and kind of the generational aspect of talent inside of Hollywood. And just hearing from his perspective couple generations removed from me just from his wisdom and perspective of how how things have changed inside an industry like Hollywood and I'm hearing some of the principles of truth and compassion and empathy and just hearing how a lot of those principles that he and his generation really want to see when it comes to entertainment in media is something that my generation is really striving for as well. So I love finding common points with people who you wouldn't normally have a lot in common with me. This individual is you know almost twice my age and has a ton ton of experience in a super inspirational worked with major major names. And I was super humbled to even talk to him. But we had an incredibly in-depth conversation about the things that really just make us human and the things that maybe interpreted differently based off of your experience are based off the platform you're using or based off of your age but the things that don't really matter. So those moments where I'm able to have that human connection with folks and find ways that we all really do have in common is some of the most inspirational moments I have.
What has been the most rewarding facet of your work with The Millennial Solution?
I think the most rewarding part about being the founder of The Millennial Solution is the entrepreneurial lifestyle is amazing and I think that most people really want to become entrepreneurs because they think "oh yeah you can wake up whenever you want and work as late as you want" and the hustle and grind which is really attractive. But in reality you being your own boss means that you are the best and worst boss in the world. So it's not necessarily the lifestyle that makes me so excited. It's the impact of our work. I came from a long line of entrepreneurs and I knew the hustle and grind. And that's why I didn't ever want to start my own company I'm really this accidental entrepreneur, I'm kind of like a hostage in my own and my own startup because I never liked the lack of security. But I have to be honest I had to started this organization because no one was doing it well. And when I heard people talking about young people I would get upset at the lack of information or lack of clarity. And that's what I told people all the time as if you have this kind of feeling in your gut that when someone's doing something you could do it better or you could do it more efficiently or more effectively that's kind of the DNA buzzing inside you like you should do it and listen to that because that's really what's going to help fuel you push past kind of the rough days and hard nights and kind of the ups and downs that is starting an organization, starting a company as I did about five years ago. So it's the impact of the work and when people come up to me after I do a presentation or we do a project and people literally say you know Gabrielle you help me understand my kids better. That's everything. Bringing people together. Reconciliation. That's what I live for.