Interview with Frank Geßner
Founding Partner & Chairman @ INVAO Group

INVAO offers the unique opportunity to invest in Blockchain as an asset class - safe, convenient and highly profitable. A highly diversified portfolio of blockchain tokens and cryptocurrencies minimizes individual project risks. Automated arbitrage and market making strategies additionally increase the value of the managed tokens. The combination of active portfolio management and automated trading enables above-average performance. INVAO meets all the requirements of a financial product and offers private and institutional investors a simple and secure way to profit from the promising blockchain technology.
Hi Frank! Could you please introduce your work with INVAO Group and tell us a bit more about your founding the venture?
Hello! My name is Frank. Frank Geßner. I'm one of the founding partners of INVAO. I'm an entrepreneur and investor for 25 years. I build up Internet companies, I also invest in Internet companies around the globe, and as the next big thing after the Internet, I strongly believe that Blockchain, besides artificial intelligence, audit technology is to try applications that enjoy significant value growth. So, as an investor, I want to invest early in this asset class, I'm not too late. However, it's very difficult to find the right portfolio mix or to pick the right projects out of twelve thousand proxy input projects out there. There's a lot of scams and a lot of early-stage difficulties. However, you get involved, you solve this problem, you build up the investment funds. The retail institutional investors can join, be at professional risk management, portfolio allocation, and automated trading to this asset class. We have reached a start in Liechtenstein in Europe, that is a European financial law, as well as a Swiss taxation to give investors enough security, and a combination of portfolio management and automated trading in the asset class, promising the highest growth, it gives potential, the returns for what they're really looking for. If you want to know more, go to, or I'll be happy to get in contact.
How did you build up the network of investors and blockchain experts around the world in locations such as Liechtenstein, Berlin, Dubai, and Singapore?
INVAO started in Germany, in Berlin where I live and my co-founder lives, and also we have our biggest network over there, It´s my tenth company, and my co-founders eight company to build up, and most of these companies became quite successful. However, when we started to build up this financial product under European regulation out of Berlin, we´ve seen that this was rather difficult. So, we reached out to Liechtenstein, which is very active in approaching financial market, with really good plans, and a proper trade law, and we started our company over there, as well as the prospectus of the Financial Market Authority in Liechtenstein. Also, our first investors came out of Germany, but speaking to lots of institutional investors in Germany, showed that they are rather skeptical on Blockchain as a technology, as Europe is usually tending to see everything skeptically in the beginning. However, we also had activities in the Emirates and were selected by the Royal Family's private offers, the Maktoum family, as the exclusive partner for Blockchain investments in the Emirates, which we enjoy to do, and we also now have an operation in Dubai, and added Singapore as the Asian hub since Asia became the business and financial center of the world. This is for strategic consideration. So, currently, INVAO operates out of Berlin, Liechtenstein, Dubai, and Singapore, to have a global reach.
What are some of the main ways you anticipate Blockchain-based solutions changing the traditional approach to wealth management and investment?
I strongly believe that the level of decentralization of Blockchain applications will have a similar impact on many industries in our daily lives, then Internet has had on retail, and in the media for example, also investment and wealth management will change as industry is still not digitalized yet, there's basically a paper based industry as of today, and an additional versions of all financial products come with many advantages much easier to handle, much easier to split, to sell, to merge, and to transfer, and also add trust, especially in cases where you can not trust middlemen, or central parties like in emerging markets, or whoever, wherever you want, it is not sufficient. I strongly believe that everything that can be tokenized will be tokenized is just a matter of time. The advantages are there, and if something solves problems better than anything else, it would succeed, and also the involved blockchain bond is already tokenized and makes use, benefits, from the advantages. Most financial institutions, especially banks would see a radical change, but these are decentralized money and tokenized investment products, and all these changes will, however, also create a lot of many new opportunities, also for the financial industry.
What are some of the biggest misconceptions your clients tend to have regarding how the efficiency and security of blockchain can aid their work?
Well, when we speak to investors all through Blockchain, is super young and early stage protocol. I am usually very impressed that even totally non technique or tech investors have a base understanding about what is the potential. It's difficult for them to invest, that's why INVAO provides professional financial security to be invested in a blockchain asset class. However, many have still kind of the bet smell of the ICO wave in 2017 and the hype and the disappointment afterwards, but usually we see that there is something significant coming, something they potentially do not want to miss out. And this is what INVAO is built for. It smells a little bit like the early '90s, kind of the early years of the Internet, where also you've seen a lot of tech discussions and nerdy detail things going on. Many scam projects were also in the early 90s, kind of projects that did not have much fundamentals. Many overrated projects, think of the New Economy hype and a lot of Oregon nerds or tech people, right? But as a decentralized application, we´re brought to value, and not the underlying protocol. Like whatever the Google, the Facebooks, the Amazons bring to value, not the Internet, not to the HTTP, the TCP/IP underlying protocols. It’s the same with blockchains, and investors understand this and say ‘You know what, but how we make investments’. This is what we are built for, that’s INVAO.
What's next for your work with INVAO Group? What are the main projects, partnerships, and markets you'll be focusing on throughout the next year?
So, at the moment the INVAO management team and some of our team members are fully focused on fundraising in Berlin, Liechtenstein, Dubai, and Singapore. Once the initial 20 million are raised it's then the job of the whole team to generate a net asset value out of this 20 million, which comes to a larger three digit million dollar number. This is what we are passionate about and that's what we have promised also to our investors. The underlying financial security and the security token will be listed on exchanges in Q3 and Q4 this year, and then we have 20% of every year's annual profits dedicated to social impact. The foundation is already there, and we also want to use the blockchain for voting and transparency on all social impact funding we're providing. This is something I'm really looking forward, but now we are started fundraising.