Interview with Ethelia Lung
Interaction Designer @ YouTube

Ethelia is currently collaborating with framework engineers and partner teams on YouTube's design system, involving audits and documentation, clear communication to different types of audiences, and an ample amount of systems thinking.
Hi Ethelia! Could you please introduce your work with YouTube and what led to your working with the company?
I'm interaction designer at YouTube. I came to work with them through completing my degree in design, interning there for a summer and then getting a full time offer right afterwards.
Which of your skills would you like to improve? Are there any new mediums or formats you'd like to explore in the future?
I think I'm a work in progress and as a designer I don't think I should limit myself to what that means. So right now I just work in digital but I would love to expand out maybe do a few installations and some bigger pieces. I've always been very interested in social impact projects and possibly like museum projects, anything historical can be really fun and I think in general because I'm still learning. The skills I want to keep improving on are critical thinking, the creativity portion, really getting to know the tools that I can use to solve problems. I think that's the most important thing.
What's next for your work with YouTube? How do you see your work with the company changing or growing in the next year?
My upcoming work at Youtube here was gonna continue to be creating and coming up with features that are very useful for our users and I don't see that changing anytime soon.