Interview with Emily Smith
Social Media & PR Director @ WealthWise Marketing

WealthWise Marketing are experienced in delivering unique and strategic marketing plans that work. A company whose expertise balances creativity with communication, in all aspects, from advertising campaigns to web design. ​They recommend the most direct, realistic and cost-effective approaches to accomplish all of your marketing objectives. Their concepts are always fresh and exciting, and they're here to win business for their clients. Their customer base covers a wide range of business interests and their roster holds some of the most respected names in the industry.​
What are some of the main struggles for early-stage startups and small businesses when establishing their marketing and personal branding campaigns?
OK so let's talk about branding for a minute and some of the main struggles that new businesses have with branding. Branding goes beyond the traditional catchphrase that we use. Branding has to do with not only a company's logo, a companies sign out front. It has to do with your message, your mission and where you're putting that message. So companies that we work with we are very considerate of their branding message and keeping that consistent across all media. Keeping a consistent voice, a consistent message and being very considerate of where we are placing that message because where that messages are, speaks just as much as what that message says.
What's next for your work with WealthWise Marketing? What are the main clients, partnerships, and services you'll be focusing on throughout 2019?
So what's new for WealthWise in 2019. Well, we have some great new clients on board with us already in the first 40 days of the year, so I know that we're going to have a very fun and a very busy year and we've got some new industries that we're going to be working with this year, so very excited about that for my social media department, still looking at vertical video as one of the fastest growing social media marketing trends, so just leveraging that for a lot more of our clients than we have in the past. And a very exciting thing that we have been developing and we'll continue to do so are some new Facebook broadcast series. So Facebook watch, having that online and using that for a lot of our clients in conjunction with TV advertising, or just as a standalone is really exciting, and there's so much potential there. So that's what I see right now for the beginning of 2019 but the year is early, there's a lot that can happen.
Hi Emily! Could you please introduce your work with WealthWise Marketing and what led to your becoming the Social Media & PR Director of the company?
Hi, my name is Emily Smith and I am the social media and PR director of WealthWise Marketing. I met Tiffany Klein who is the owner of WealthWise Marketing in 2018 when she and I were both working with a professional sports team in Atlanta. We got to know each other and we immediately saw that we have very complementing talents. She needed someone to help her existing clients with a social media strategy and a way to take the traditional media that she was doing for them and bring it to an online presence and doing some online advertising as well as a PR director, and with my background being in journalism and having more than a decade in social media she and I were an instant fit and she and I have been combining strategies for all of WealthWise Marketing's clients ever since.
What have been some of the most successful clients you've worked with at WealthWise?
So what has been some of the most successful clients that we've worked with at WealthWise? Well, this is a trick question because all of our clients are successful. We are a PR agency as well as a full-service marketing firm, so we keep our client list pretty discreet, but we work with all different kinds of industries from law firms to country clubs to golf courses to medical practices, basically, everything you can think of we've probably done. So we love coming to work every day and all of our clients because they teach us new things and we get to explore marketing all different kinds of industries and it's fantastic. So yeah they're all successful, we can never just pick one.
How has your service offering changed or shifted since you first joined the company? How have you been able to carve out your special niche?
So I first joined the company last year in 2018 and before I was onboard the company had started almost exclusively with TV advertising, so commercials from creative to production to placement and then web, graphics, website, email marketing. And then last year when I joined it was PR and social media and social media strategy, social media ads across all platforms and then combining all of those services and one. So when a company came to WealthWise for commercial or they came to WealthWise for social media they had a team that could handle everything that would come their way and anticipate their future needs and be able to handle their future needs. So at no time did they need to go out and find another company to work with or for us to hand them off to anyone else. It's nice to have full service and everyone in house and to work with a business like us that understands our clients and all of their needs and can have a great history with them because we can do everything for them in-house.