Interview with Dirk Bierschwale
Founder & CEO @ triper

With triper every traveler will have the chance to experience traveling with "the eyes of a local host" - simply and for free. ​Wherever you go, Paris, Bangkok, Barcelona, London, Dubai, Berlin, Rome or New York — triper is there with you. Anywhere and worldwide!
Hey Dirk, could you tell us more about the service offerings of triper?
Whenever you are a traveller and going to different places you might think about seeing something special at that destination where you're going to and one side you have the chance to to book a guide who's taking care from the same sites you have seen maybe three or four other sites you should know about the city, that's fine enough. What we like to do is with Triper to activate the latent hospitality of people who don't make money out of this idea instead of being the ambassador of the city just to invite people to come by for having barbecues or just to come by to see a soccer game in Germany. Or you just have the chance to jog in the Hyde Park of London. So it's up to you. All you have to do is to use to Triper match, then you do a request. You just asked for the destination, then you categorize your interest by Art Design, fun and nightlife, outdoor and sports whatever you want to do and the dates and push the button then you get an invitation of your destinations and then it's up to you to join. And on the other side, the host is getting a request and he decides whether to take care of you or not. That's the way it works. Easy. And the rest is up to them. Triper has made the first contact, that's the Triper service.
What would your best advice be for anyone thinking of launching a travel startup of their own?
So what would be my best advice for people who would like to launch a travel start up. I would say cross the world, travel, whenever you're doing a startup you have to be patient. You have to be passionate about what you are doing. And it doesn't matter if you have money or not, it doesn't matter if you have a competitor. Whatever you do, do with the passion and with patience as well, then it comes to be a success. It takes time and effort but because you believe in what you do it doesn't matter at all. Just keep going on and if you're riding a dead horse you will feel it. But as long as you are getting a kind of response from your community, or of people from the outside then you are still on the road. So listen to your inner voice, listen to your belly and then you'll make it for sure. That's my advice.
What's next for your work with triper? Where do you see the company in five years?
This could be a question of an investor and what should I say? I don't say fail then I wouldn't be the right one for Triper. I would say Triper will be so great that people use Triper as a normal tool to find and to get reconnected with locals in each city in the world not on the basis that somebody is charging for money to show you the sites but much more on the real feeling to come together. It's a kind of share and care idea what we do. And once you're the traveller who gets invited by a host, in reverse, the next time you are the host for the traveller coming to your town and that makes Triper special. Then in five years, in my opinion, Triper one of those tools, an application where we figure out what we can do. Decide the mainstream, on any kind of sightseeing tour. So just to make real connections to real people and real places. Triper for free. Do it.