Interview with Cory Collins
President & CEO @ Ample Opportunity, Inc.

Ample Opportunity, Inc specializes in Business & Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Sales Training. They help their clients double, triple, or even 10x their sales and profits through platforms such as one on one & group consultations, corporate training, workshops, lunch & learns, seminars, and keynote speaking. They position their clients for an outstanding return on their investment dollar - a statement that not all companies can genuinely make - by delivering the most cost-effective and target-driven approach to their growing needs. They provide fully customized coaching, consulting, & training programs that cater to each client specifically.
Hi Cory! Could you please introduce Ample Opportunity, Inc. and what led to your founding the consultancy?
Ample Opportunity Inc. is a business consulting firm that specialises in business coaching, leadership development, and sales training. The company was founded because I realised that there was something lacking in a number of businesses, of all types. A lot of business owners opened their business because of a skill that they have or something that they can do very well. Let's say that they're a great cook so they decide to open a restaurant or, if they can cut hair, they decide to open a barbershop. But once they open their business, they realise that they're actually running a business now, and not just in the kitchen cooking. They're not just cutting hair and, they have no experience running a business. They have no idea how to hire employees, train employees. They know nothing about sales, marketing, they don't understand client relations, customer relations, customer retention, employee retention. At Ample Opportunity, we come in and we teach these business owners these essential skills. We give them the tools and resources that it takes to successfully run their business so that they can focus on their niche, what they do well, which is cutting hair, cooking or whatever the case may be.
How has the company changed or expanded its service offering since it was first founded? How has your clientele changed?
Since we opened, we've been able to expand our services due to my certification with the John C. Maxwell Team as a speaker, coach, and trainer. Now, John is the number one leadership expert in the world. With his tutoring and with the help of his team, new doors have been opened. We've had access to new clients. We're able to continuously expand our content and our curriculum in order to keep up with the latest developments in leadership and in business. We're able to aid our clients in their personal and professional growth, with the help of John's proven techniques and methods.
What did the first year of the company look like? Looking back, is there anything you'd change?
The first year for Ample Opportunity Inc. went pretty well, especially considering most businesses fail within the first year. We were able to be successful because of all the services that we offer, business coaching, leadership development and sales training, were things that I had already been doing. In fact, I have been doing these things for about 10 years before I even opened the company. I did them for companies that I had worked for in the past, I did them for businesses I had run in the past, I did them for friends and family members who had their own business. It was second nature to me. We just transitioned that into an actual business. We were able to gain clients right away because we already understood marketing, we already understood advertising so, it was a very smooth and easy transition. If I had to go back and change anything, I would have started doing it much sooner.
What's next for your work with Ample Opportunity, Inc.? What are the main projects, partnerships, and markets you'll be focusing on throughout 2019?
Next up for Ample Opportunity Inc. is investing. We want to invest in our clients. We see that a number of them have amazing products, amazing services but they don't have the financial backing to take their company to the next level and where it deserves to be. Being there, we have personally worked with these companies to fine-tune their business and help them run more efficiently. We are ultra confident that they have what it takes to succeed. If the financial backing is what they're lacking, that's where we can step in and help them move to the next level. As far as new markets, we are focusing on international expansion. It's a very exciting time for us.
What has been the feedback from your client base? Who have been some of your most successful clients?
The feedback that we've received from our client base has been overwhelmingly positive, mainly because a number of the clients that we work with, either didn't even know that this type of service existed or, they were sceptical because it's not tangible. They won't see the results right away. Not for days, weeks or even months but once they do realise the impact that it has, they're typically blown away. We've had our most success with the clients who have been able to take their business to the next level, due to working with us. Business owners who still have a 9 to 5 and they run their businesses on the side, we help them transition into running the business full time and leaving their job. Solo entrepreneurs, we've been able to help them to grow and move into physical locations and hire employees and become small businesses. Small businesses, we've been able to help them expand, move to new locations, set up additional locations and grow in that capacity. Those are the types of clients that we typically have our most success with. Large corporations, we love as well, with our leadership training and leadership development, we've been able to help them turn normal employees into leaders and managers so they can grow and expand as well.