Interview with Clint Hall
Founder & CEO @ OSO Northwest

Oso Northwest CBD Body Cream combines the skin nourishing qualities of beeswax, almond oil and avocado oil with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and other hemp-derived cannabinoids to reduce soreness and soothe chronic pain around the body. Their proprietary blend of all-natural terpenes creates a synergistic effect with full-spectrum hemp extract that delivers consistent relief. Most users experience a “dulling” of chronic pain when they regularly apply a finger-tip’s worth of cream to external sore spots.
Hi Clint! Could you please introduce your work with OSO Northwest and tell us a bit more about what led to your founding the company?
Hi I'm Clint Hall. I'm the founder and CEO of OSO Northwest Hemp CBD Body Cream brand, based in Oregon. For the last five years I've helped companies create brands, develop products, I've even helped a couple of them go public. And in that time, I've learned that to operate in this space, your brand or your product needs to be credible, and it needs to be reliable. That's why I decided to offer a formula that I'd been working on for many years. I've called it OSO Northwest. It's pretty simple: put a little bit on your finger, rub it where it hurts. Most people experience relief within a couple minutes. Some folks say they feel it right away, but hey, don't take my word for it. Check us out at to learn more. Thank you.
What has been your process to growing OSO Northwest's client and partner network?
We're fortunate to have a network of highly educated and credible evangelists, and those people are OSO Northwest's process to growing its client base and partner network. These are doctors, leaders of universities, neighbors that worked in the chamber of commerce for 30 years, chemists, biologists, bodybuilders, people who run gyms, teach fitness classes - all walks of life! We have folks that design shoes for a living that have been testing our products for us. And we're fortunate that these people believe in us so much that they're willing to turn around to their own groups and say, "Hey, if you're feeling pain all the time and you want a solution that's non-addictive and non-intoxicating, try OSO Northwest." They believe in it. And so I don't have to sell the product. You don't have to take my word for it. You can go look at our testimonials and learn more.
What separates OSO Northwest's proprietary blend from those of competitors?
OSO Northwest Hemp CBD Body Creams' proprietary blend is unique to any other pain relieving topical that you'll find on the market right now, and that's because we relied on research, facts and our network of people who know way more about the major and minor cannabinoids, and how to apply them correctly in a solution, to create this product. So what our consumers get is something that's not just powered by hemp CBD isolate. There's a terpene blend in there that makes sure that the CBD isolate is delivered efficiently throughout the body. And again, we didn't rely on existing dogma. We went and looked for research, for facts, for credible people who had more knowledge about the molecule and how to apply it safely, and in a way that was non-addictive, non-intoxicating. So people feel comfortable using it, so people feel like they can be properly educated on how to use it in a short amount of time. That's how OSO Northwest Hemp CBD Body Cream is different. Check it out online to learn more.
What are some of the main ways in which the cannabis and CBD industries are changing today?
The two main ways I can think of that the cannabis and CBD industries are changing today are knowledge and acceptance. We know way more about these molecules than we did in the past, especially more than we did when they were banned in the mid-20th century. We're fortunate the credible, educated people, like Dr. Sue Sisley or Dr. Jack McHugh, for example, are willing to apply not only their research, their academic credentials - I guess what I would call their weight - behind their knowledge and their willingness to stand up and say, "Hey, there is a way to use these molecules safely - here's how to do it, check it out." They demystify it. They make it look less dangerous to folks that are never going to approach the black market and want nothing to do with it - as they should. And then that leads to acceptance, right? We have grandparents, soccer moms, parents of small children, folks from all walks of life that want a solution to things like mostly chronic pain, in our own research, but other conditions like anxiety, insomnia, indigestion, ailments that anyone who deals with any walk of life - whether you're rich or poor, doesn't matter. If you're human, you're probably dealing with one of those conditions, and we're learning more and more there are natural, non-addictive ways to solve them.
What's next for your work with OSO Northwest? What new products are you currently developing?
Well the questions I get asked most is: what's next for OSO Northwest? What other products are you going to release? Surely you're not just sticking with the body cream? And that's true - we're not. We're looking at some roll-on applications that we're testing with our our network to see if we can target some common afflictions, like relief for menstrual cramps, anxiety, indigestion is another one. We are interested in solving these issues topically, if possible. Another exciting development that we hope you'll look for in 2020, are updated topical formulas. We are fortunate to have connected with a supplier that can help us power our formulas with some other minor cannabinoids that are highly targeted versions of CBD, is how I would describe them. CBD can cover a myriad of ailments, but cannabinoids like CBG and CBC are even more efficient at fighting inflammation and relieving pain. We plan on testing topical products with those minor cannabinoids, in combination with our proprietary blend of terpenes, to deliver the best in class topical pain relief products in the years to come.