Interview with Christopher Tucci
Co-Founder @ Hungry & Fit LLC

Christopher Tucci has written/edited/published nearly 1,000 articles that have received nearly one million views on the Hungry & Fit blog. He started as an entry-level employee twice and has been promoted to Program Director within one year. Christopher performs personal training, sports performance coaching, and swim lessons to individuals from 6 months to 99 years of age and has worked with professional athletes, Division I collegiate teams, platinum-selling musical artists, A-list actors, and individuals from various special populations. He has created partnerships with major fitness and nutrition companies including Les Mills, Optimum Nutrition, WhiteWave Foods, and more. He is a decorated Division I athlete, stress & rescue scuba diver, conflict resolution specialist, and blogger who manages a handful of websites. An animal rights advocate, he is trying to aid the world hunger crisis and protect the environment.
What user demographic is Hungry & Fit LLC most appealing to?
Hungry and Fit really caters to every single demographic. What we're trying to do is, we're trying to provide information that is of a high quality, that is customized for certain populations. So, instead of having these paid for generic online training and nutrition programs, we give free content that is for the most part requested by our users, our followers, our readers, and will preface all of our posts and all of our discussions, all of our articles, and our research studies by stating that this might be useful information for population X, Y, and Z. Sometimes it's teenagers, teenager athletes, sometimes it's obese teenagers, sometimes it's seniors that were athletes growing up and they're recovering from injuries that they've sustained a long time ago or just sustained, and sometimes they're not athletes at all. So, there really isn't any specific demographic. We're just trying to help provide this information to whoever requests it.
What was it like transitioning from being the Adoption Specialist of Best Friends Animal Society to your work at Hungry & Fit LLC? How is your life different now?
Technically, there hasn't been a transition. I have actually transitioned more so from being Hungry and Fit to an adoption specialist at Best Friends Animal Society. And essentially, I have a set career in the health and wellness industry where I worked for large organizations and also had my own business and Hungry and Fit it's not going anywhere. I have just adapted and changed it so many different times in so many different ways to cater to my other work, and my recent calling has been in animal welfare. So, as I've moved to working full time and animal welfare for another organization I can continue doing Hungry and Fit And one of the nice things about not working for a large organization in the health and wellness industry is that there's no conflicts of interest so, I could really do whatever I want when it comes to being in the fitness health wellness sports performance coaching industry, because there's no ties from the past organizations that I've worked, and no conflicts of interest and it's just a balance for me to make sure I'm continuing to provide unique quality content, while being exhausted, both, mentally and physically and using up half of my week working in animal welfare.
How does Hungry & Fit LLC interact with customers/users to improve its UX/UI? Is there a systematized way to do so?
Hungry & Fit has always been very organic, and very personalized and customized, and the user experience is really all about providing that unique experience feel, that personal touch for whoever we're working with. We don't have this beautiful system. We don't have this unique interface with certain intellectual property or proprietary functions, but we try to stay heartfelt, we try to give the time of day to everyone. Something we're extremely proud of is that every single inquiry whether it's a professional inquiry, a personal inquiry, whether it's from an agent contractor client follow, a reader, it's all unique and there's no canned responses or anything along those lines. We do have our emails that go out to our subscriber base which is probably the most generic thing, but for the lack of a systematic approach that we have. We try to counteract that and any nice technologies with just that unique feel and making people feel like they are valued.
You're still involved in Best Friends Animal Society. How is this going and do animals in need get enough recognition and funding?
Yes, I am still involved with Best Friends Animal Society. I have worked in the animal welfare industry in many different ways, and working for Best Friends is unique because it's such a large organization that has a huge national reach. It is making a major impact internationally. Although the operations don't spend internationally, the awareness and education most certainly does because of Best Friend's presence on social media, their website site, the resources on their Web site. It's going well. It is exhausting work mentally and physically working in animal welfare in general. But, my current position at Best Friends allows me to do other things since it is not extremely time-consuming. I have worked as a high-level director of another animal welfare organization and that took up over half of the hours in my week, which made it difficult to do other things. In terms of animals getting enough recognition and funding, I don't think that's ever gonna be the case. It's hard to track, our organization is well funded, and I think that money is put to very good use and that's reflected in our progress and our numbers. But, recognition is going to be the issue. Education is the key. Awareness is extremely important and tackling major issues like not decline cats, and not euthanizing animals for behavioral problems is going to be part of this greater mission and project to make this huge progress, and that could take quite some time to get there.
You are also a Conflict Resolution Specialist. Are you called upon regularly for your services and what are the main pieces of advice you offer people?
Conflict Resolution is unique because it is a universal scale. My college major is international studies with a concentration in Asia, and working in and with the North and South Koreans and at the United Nations, working with other countries that are going through major conflicts, I found that major and the skills that I acquired in my education and the practical side of my education has paid greater dividends than any other trade or skill that I've learned since it is so useful in every industry. It's useful in the fitness industry, the health and wellness industry, animal welfare, in business. On a client side, it is so important to be able to maintain composure and provide them with the same experience that you provide to every client, and on a business or professional side whether it's in the boardroom you really want to maintain that composure, so that you're not compromising any of the messages that are trying to come across by seeming emotionally unstable or unintelligent or anything along those lines. So, my main piece of advice that I would offer is to just take it slow, pause whenever necessary before speaking, it is much more important to get the right message across even if it takes more time than then rush the wrong message. It can be so hard to clean up mistakes that have been made. It is so much easier to just not make those mistakes in the first place and sometimes pausing, and taking that extra second to think before you say something, makes all the difference.
What can the world expect from Hungry & Fit LLC in 2019?
It is so hard to say what the world can expect from Hungry and Fit in 2019. It's been a little bit the same, a little bit different every year. Sometimes you roll out new programs, sometimes we don't. I am currently enrolled in an online master in addition to Hungry and Fit. My other businesses, my work at Best Friends Animal Society. Ilana, my wife, and co-founder of Hungry and Fit is currently writing a massive book. She has a high private high profile corporate job and with all that taken into consideration it's tough to make any guarantees, but I think what you can expect from Hungry and Fit in 2019 is a return to how we began and our approach, and being very personalized, and instead of providing all these guests posts and sponsored content from organizations and third parties that we might not necessarily support, where the writing isn't the quality that you're used to from the two of us, we want to return to what brought us popularity and also all of the great relationships that we've built over the years in the very beginning. So, expect some more authentic from the heart personalized content this year.