Interview with Charlene Rymsha
Founder @ Everyday Coherence

Used in a sentence: “Through the practice of Everyday Coherence seemingly separate parts of self integrate and overall wellbeing becomes commonplace.” Everyday Coherence, the daily practice of connecting body and mind, is a simple and profound change model that cures burnout. Transformation begins with awareness that hyper-productivity is killing your results and you have a readiness to make a lifestyle shift that balances work effectiveness with the joy of living. When our awareness is scattered by competing expectations, we are scattered. When our minds are in the past or the future, our awareness is there too. Yet, our bodies are supremely in the present moment. Therefore, bringing conscious attention to the body aligns us with the present moment and the Bodymind is experienced as an integrated whole, alleviating burnout and protecting against it's return. Check out Everyday Coherence here.
Hi Charlene, would you introduce yourself and your program Everyday Coherence?
Hi, my name is Charlene Rymsha and I am the founder of Everyday Coherence. I teach people how to deeply connect the body and the mind. A clear channel of communication that enables clarity of thinking, which cuts down all that mind chatter, and then also creates that real sense of safety and calmness within both the body and the mind, allowing for a deeper sense of self and knowing more and more of who you are, your joy, as well as being able to communicate and connect with those around you in both your personal life, as well as the professional realm.
Who are your clients? Who are you reaching out to with Everyday Coherence?
My clients are creative, ambitious, young professionals who seek to overcome burnout, in order to live a truly balanced life. That not only means a great job, but also that they can truly enjoy their downtime. Most of my clients work in fast-paced tech startups and they're interested in finding purpose, excitement and getting their joy back. This is because burnout takes our joy away and has us feeling exhausted and somewhat hopeless that there is another way. I assure you that there is another way and it's not burnout and it definitely includes deeply connecting to your body and mind.
Before starting your own company, you were a Clinical Social Worker. What made you decide to shift? How is your life different now?
For me, moving from being a clinical social worker to owning my own business, Everyday Coherence, was a natural progression. It started back in 1995 when I first stepped into a yoga class. At that time, I was in my late teens/early 20s and depressed and I didn't have a sense of purpose, joy or drive. Yoga started to really help me to learn that I don't have to be in my head all the time. I don't have to have all of these unhelpful thoughts and most of them weren't true anyway. It helped me understand that I could tune into my body and learn more of my worth and more of my joy. Beyond that, I moved to the mountains of California, where I spent the winters downhill skiing the summers downhill mountain biking and again more deeply connecting to my body and ultimately to my joy. This is why I decided to go back to school and receive my masters degree in social work. During that time, I learned the science behind mind and body, how the stress and trauma gets stuck in the body, how that affects the central nervous system, and how it decreases the connection between the mind and wreaks havoc and exacerbates anxiety, depression and burnout. That's when I decided, after I'd been doing some of the clinical social work, to create this program to to be the most effective way possible. It is more of an immersive program than a once a week talk therapy, type of thing. The main difference of how my life is different, is now I get to offer services that I truly believe will help people recover.
How did you develop this program? You've recently reshifted your focus, tell us more!
Everyday Coherence started out a bit broader. I was reaching out and casting my net out to pretty much anyone that was interested and ready to make some changes in their lives. Whether that was related to anxiety, depression or just feeling like something was missing in their lives or they needed a little more meaning. As I was reaching out and talking to people and meeting clients, I started to see a trend. The clients that were coming to me were 25-35 years old and were working in fast-paced tech companies, startups, PR and other creative and fast-paced industries. They were showing up not necessarily with anxiety or depression, or anything that seemed straightforward. I did a little more research and realised my clients have burnout. I made a slight shift and switched my focus to working with young, ambitious professionals to help them overcome burnout, in order to live highly effective and enjoyable lives both personally and professionally.
How with Everyday Coherence evolve in the New Year? Do you have any goals or projects for the rest of 2019?
One of my major goals for 2019, is to get the dialogue and the awareness out that burnout exists in a major way. We live in a culture of burnout and in some ways it's normalised that you're supposed to be exhausted and somewhat hate your job. That's just it, so deal with it. The truth is, we don't have to live like that. In a society that is very much about hyper productivity and hyper connectivity, it is actually making us less productive and less deeply connected in ways that really matter. I'm in the process of reaching out to companies, I've started doing workshops at co-working spaces and in organisations and different companies. This year, it's a mission of mine to build an understanding of burnout, that it exists and with some small changes that we can change the way we live and be more joyful, connected and more effective at work and allowing us to also enjoy our downtime. This means, win win, as long as there is burnout awareness and the readiness and willingness to change. I look forward to 2019. If any organisations or businesses are out there and listening and would like to have me come in and speak, please reach out, I would love to.