Interview with Cassie Gaub
Founder @ Cassandra Gaub Coaching & Consulting, Clinical Outreach Rep @ Center for Discovery

Hi, I’m Cassie-- a transformation and empowerment coach + mentor who believes passionately that we can all totally slay this thing called life. Most importantly, I believe that you can do amazing things! In all honesty, I’m just an ordinary girl living a pretty extraordinary life…but it wasn’t always that way. Like most people, I found myself doing all the "right" things, following all the "rules" and was left feeling completely and utterly unsatisfied, defeated and stagnant. I became hell-bent on making changes and creating the life I wanted, and am passionate about helping other women step in to their power and claim their own greatness to do the same. Check out my website here.
Hi Cassie, could you tell us a bit about each of your current roles and how your career path led you to them?
Hi everyone I'm Cassie Gaub: empowerment transformation and mindset coach for women and founder of Best U Institute. How did I end up in this career? Well, it definitely wasn't planned - I actually didn't even know coaching was a career option, though I'd kind of been doing it with friends and colleagues for a while, before I even realized I could become a coach. Like so many people, I was working a job and, by so many standards, the job that I had was a really great job. And while I loved it for a while, I eventually found myself in a place of really feeling stuck and stagnant and like I was meant for more. And so through my own personal growth and development work, and through working with coaches of my own, I realized that is really where my passion lied: I really love working with women, and helping women enhance and level up their lives, and so that is how coaching became a career for me, and I am absolutely loving it! It's such an honor to work with the women I work with, and see them really blossom into the people that they desire to be; into having lives that they really desire to have; and to work toward things that really lights them up! So that is how I ended up here.
In your role as a coach and consultant, are there any key pieces of advice that apply to everyone you work with, regardless of background or circumstances?
So, in my role as a coach and a consultant, the one piece of advice - the thing that I have every single one of my clients do - is really get clear on their 'whys'. Why are they working towards a goal? Why is that important to them? How is it going to impact, not only themselves, but their lives and people around them? Because, as everyone knows: when you are working toward a goal it doesn't always go perfectly. But if you are clear on why you're working toward something; why it's important to you; why you are putting so much effort into it; it helps you stay focused and, even through the times when things get difficult, it helps you remain really excited about what it is you are working toward. So that is my universal one piece of advice for everyone.
At Best U Institute your coaching programs are specifically designed for women – what inspired you to focus solely on women for this business?
So my coaching programs, and the coaching that I do, is specific to women and those identifying as female. And I was really inspired to do this, because one - I am a woman, so I can identify with a lot of the struggles that other women I'm coaching are facing, or have faced. I also really am passionate about creating a safe space for everyone in my coaching programs - whether it's one to one, or group coaching programs - as we grow in our learning and are working through some of the stuff that I designed my coaching programs to cover, we really have to get vulnerable and open and really be available to do that in a safe space. And so that was something else that really inspired me to create female-only programs.
What projects are you most looking forward to working on over the next year, and do you have any personal goals that you would like to achieve?
I actually have a lot of really awesome things coming up! I'm going to be running my ladies leveling up group again, which is a small group coaching program I have - it's limited to 12 women, or those identifying as female. It's my most exciting course. It's really intense and I just love doing it, it's such an awesome group to host. I'm also super excited - I'm partnering with another coach, we will be launching a group specifically for female business owners and entrepreneurs, and it is going to be absolutely amazing. It is kind of the course that both of us wish that we had, when we were starting businesses and launching into our own things. So it's gonna be filled with absolutely incredible information, and resources, and tools, and both of our experiences and our perspectives and it's going to be awesome. So that's kind of what I'm really looking forward to in the next year, and I'm just always looking forward to the clients that I get to work with, and seeing all of their growth and achievements. And they inspire me every single day, and so I'm really looking forward to that.