Interview with Cady Macon
Life Coach @ Macon Ya Think

Cady Macon is a catalyst and teacher. She writes, speaks, and coaches about many things, but has a special reservoir of shits to give about authenticity and work that matters. Her calling, as she understands it, is to educate and entertain you. The subject matter du jour? Dreams. A high-achiever herself, Cady is uniquely suited to help tomorrow’s leaders find their calling. To borrow a phrase from Mike’s episode, Cady left something she didn’t have to leave: she turned her back on one of the most stable futures she could have had to pursue one in human potential.
Hi Cady, could you start by telling us a bit about your current role as a life coach and how your career path led you there?
Hi. Attempt number five thousand recording this! We're just gonna see this one through. OK so hi, my name is Cady Macon and my specialty as a life coach is helping high achievers find their calling. If you want to be less dramatic about it: I'm really good at putting people on a path. And however this came to pass, I have a special gift for helping people reclaim abandoned dreams. Typically, when somebody is working with me, they're hiring me specifically for two reasons. You usually hire me when you have some quiet thing that you're quietly hoping somebody is gonna give you permission to do, and you just want them to name the thing. And they're like, "Cady, I think that you're going to actually hear and see me!" And I will. And then, the second thing is they want a shot of courage. Just like, you seem completely insane! And like, well, thank you. So that's usually who I attract and help, like you know but you're just catching up with yourself. So I help people through those transitions. And usually when you hire me, there's just some sort of synchronistic, magical stuff that happens. I don't know if it's my energy field, or if it's yours, or both, I feel like there is definitely some X factor going on. But my career path that led me there - my God I would get so excited by telling you the long version of this -but the succinct version is that I was working in advertising, I discovered life coaching - it nauseates me to tell it so, in such a short way - but I discovered coaching. I was doing that on the side and then there were four different job and lifetime opportunities that presented themselves at once - and I never thought I was going to leave. And I was mentoring, reverse mentoring the CEO of this agency at the time, so I was pretty pretty primed to set up! And all these opportunities were basically like, "Hey, job of a lifetime - which one do you want?" So I did a pretty scary thing and I chose coaching, and here we are. I hope I did all right. Move on to the next one. Here we go!
What are the essential skills that a good life coach needs?
OK so, totally subjective answers. According to me, to be a good life coach you need to care - or give a shit, if we wanna use my language - be honest and really be able to look outside yourself. So I need to be able to step outside my consciousness and really step into yours, and try to understand what it is that you're seeing, how you're feeling and what's going on in your heart. So, another way of phrasing that last one is dropping the agenda. I would say in that order: the first one comes really naturally to me, the second is one that is definitely developed. I've always been very candid, being honest with myself is something that's one that's developed, and having the courage to be really straight with with clients when I'm feeling vulnerable is a learned one. And then getting out from here and really popping over there, is the one I would say have put the most work in to.
How do you select the clients that you work with, and what makes for an ideal coach-client relationship?
Could you answer this question for me? Because, to be honest, I can't create a client to save my life. If it means anything to anyone listening, I'm a quintessential projector in human design, which means that I really can't create clients, so they find me. And I've noticed with me specifically, they find me in just mystical ways. I've had clients ask me to coach them, most recently at a CBD shop in Cuba, Missouri. So I had someone ask me there. I was propositioned renting a car in the Inner Richmond in San Francisco, by somebody who wound up, actually went to my high school and was at my house - he went to prom with my sisters friend group. A good friend of mine linked to an article I wrote, and I picked up a client that way. I mean somebody else, we kicked butt, he was a super old family friend, he saw an article I read or wrote on LinkedIn and wanted to work with me. So, how I choose them: it almost feels like if there is some sort of magical weird way that we are not connected, you're probably mine. And then what makes for an ideal coach-client relationship: chemistry. We've got the dogs in the background, we're just gonna roll with this one. It's uh, yeah, it's chemistry. It's your soul family. We communicate well, I just can't explain it - you're my peeps.
What do you find most rewarding about working as a life coach, how do you define job satisfaction?
It's the people! My clients are such delightful little creatures and I will totally own this: there is a part of me that loves collecting humans, and I enjoy making friends with everyone, and I just really sincerely love the - I don't want to call it sport, but just practice - of collecting different people, like the little beautiful characters and nuggets that they are. And putting them in my coaching pocket, and having them to keep as my own and as my friends. And then I love connecting them and helping them, and it's just fun. I would say getting to know different people is really fun. We have a lot of fun. And I would say the other rewarding thing is: I'm just humbled by getting to play this role in somebody's life. And that can actually intimidate me sometimes, but when I get out of these two ears it's really humbling, it's cool to get to really help somebody be themselves. Oh my God! That's the most rewarding thing is like - hello Cady! - I love seeing people in their element. So, it's really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really fun to watch someone's journey, from feeling like they have to be somebody else, to recognizing - what we're doing is we basically reaching inside of you and grabbing this gold, this buried treasure and pulling it out - and seeing somebody feel free to be themselves is the most rewarding thing about being a coach, and I would completely define that as my ultimate job satisfaction - little nugget, if you will. I hope that works!
Are there any projects that you looking forward to working on over the next year, and do you have any personal goals that you would like to fulfill?
OK, I couldn't sit anymore, so we're moving, we are sweating. All right. Last one! I am really really excited to bring coach cards to life: it's a self coaching tool that I created years ago, and it's fabulous! It's a little compass, and there is a specific methodology behind it. They can help you really get present with yourself, which is not historically something I've been amazing at doing. So, I'm really excited to bring the thing that I need to other people and, honestly, I'm just grateful and excited cause I've got a lot of good support for this one going and a lot of good partnerships set up, or at least in the mix. So it's nice, because all of these clients and people who've gotten something from this are helping me get over that imposter syndrome, wondering if it's any good! So I'm very excited to bring coach cards to life. And then, with personal goals - yes, I have tons I would like to fulfill, and I'm not showing them here and I actually think that the reason why I'm not showing is helpful to impart: if there is something you are trying to achieve, some people do really well by just making a declaration in really public way and going for it. I think that that gives away a lot of your personal power and agency energetically, so to preserve the agency I have to making progress towards my goals I very, very consciously am not sharing that, and I'm keeping all those super personal ones pretty close to the vest. So, hope that helps. And if you have any questions, I don't know how this works but just slide into my little DMs and I'll leave you another sweaty message from St. Louis, Missouri, where we are this week. Thanks friends - bye!