Interview with Ben Guez
Founder @ LAXIR

LAXIR creates simple and innovative digital marketing experiences to help them attract and engage their customers. LAXIR's Digital Marketing services include SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing, community management, and video production. They take care of a brand's entire digital presence. LAXIR works on the principle like identifying needs, improve branding, generating potential leads and bring business for its clients and that too at very cost effective marketing budget. They offer industry-specific services, customize them as per customers’ needs and the current market scenario. LAXIR is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, CA. They work with companies of all sizes to identify the best digital marketing channels for growth, create a solid strategy, and implement the campaigns.
Hi Ben! Could you please introduce LAXIR and what led to your founding the agency? What did the first year of the agency look like?
So, Laxir is a digital marketing in Los Angeles. First of all, I joined with an agency, I started as a freelancer, I was doing marketing. I launched the first business in fashion but that was not really successful. I mean, it was OK, it was good, I learned a lot but, I didn't like it. But, by doing this first business, I learned that I was pretty good at marketing. I really, like, I loved it. I really enjoyed marketing, digital marketing and, it just started as a freelancer, running some Facebook ads for some clients and then, I open my agency and, hire more people and, got to make bigger plans. And, that was it. The first year it's a lot of testing, a lot of trying to get clients but, also making a good job for clients. It's challenging when you have an agency because you're on going to compete with a lot of people. It's a really, really competitive market but, you really need to love what you're doing and, you need to like, think outside the box. And, that's my office.
Who have been some of the biggest clients of LAXIR? What have been some of your most successful campaigns?
Who have been some of the biggest clients. We had a lot of clients from those past five years. Big clients when we did a lot of fashion brands and a lot of big firms, law firms but, we can't mention the names because of an agreement that we signed. But we've been working with pretty big clients and also, like, medium size business and, pretty cool brands. I mean, you can check out our website. There are a lot of clients, So, I can, you can learn a bit more about what we are doing and, if you have any questions you can always DM me on my Instagram.
What makes LAXIR stand out against all the other marketing agencies based in Los Angeles?
That's a very good question. And, it's really hard to compete with big agencies and, it's really hard to compete with everyone. So, you really have to find, like, a good niche where you can be successful in that niche. Also, I'm trying to be always up to date with all the new inventions in terms of digital marketing, the new tools. Every time, I see something out, we are trying to test it for our clients, to get more leads, more purchase through the website. And, really, just thinking outside the box. I'm very French so, sometimes, I'm going to think differently than American people think. So, I think, it's an advantage but also, yeah, trying change a lot of things. Everything is, I'm a big believer on A/B testing. So, I'm going to A/B test a lot of campaign. We always will be testing tools, e-mails and, that's it, pretty much what I'm trying to do, the best for my clients, you know, we care about our is our clients and, we try to do the best for them.
How has having a social media following influenced your own career? How is it an asset?
I have a large audience on social media, like Instagram. You can check me out @benguez.thewizard. I have such a strong French accent, I'm sure you don't understand what I'm saying. So, anyway, it's OK. It's pretty good because at least you show your clients you know what you're doing. Especially, if you are going to offer content on Instagram. It's better to show them, to look at my page. I know what I'm doing because, I am on 80k and, it helps to get more clients. A lot of people, really, just find me on Instagram and tell me, hey, it seems like you know what's up so, can we work together? So, it's been pretty, you can say it's an asset and it helps a lot. Sounds good.