Interview with Anna Raabe
Co-Founder & CMO @ Gardoré

Gardoré is the first specialized platform that guides women to the best business fashion. We offer the ambitious woman a handpicked selection of only relevant brands and items for the work context plus wearable inspiration for business outfits.
What inspired you to create Gardoré? How did the venture come about?
During my first internship as a consultant I realized how difficult it was to find nice clothing for work. I usually like shopping, I don't have a problem to dress well. But for the work context I found it very difficult to find something nice and appropriate. I didn't know where to go. I didn't know what exactly to wear. I didn't feel comfortable in the things that I ended up buying. So I saw that there was definitely a problem but no solution to it in the market. So Laura my co-founder who I hadn't met back then actually experienced the same problem during her first job and after my master's studies and another three years the management consulting I had talked to so many young women across the world and saw that they experience exactly the same problem and there was still no solution to it. So I decided to join Laura and to build Gardoré which finally makes shopping for a business full of a lot easier and a lot more fun. And yeah we're excited to finally solve this problem.
How is Gardoré unique from other online retail platforms? What unique services do you offer your users?
Gardoré is the first platform that guides women to the best business fashion. So what we do is we do the work of browsing through all of the established and upcoming specialized brands that are out there to find only the items that are appropriate and relevant for the work context. So when you go to go to Gardoré you can be sure that there is no distraction. You don't find any jeans, no flip flops, no sweaters but only items that you can wear at work. We strongly believe that clothing has a very strong effect on the way you feel and the way you appear in front of others. So we believe that clothing can be or can play a big part in women empowerment and we believe that you can be empowered by style. So we deliver also a lot of inspirational content such as outfit suggestions, block articles and so on to really show women out there that they can use clothing to bring the best out of themselves in the business context.
Do you have any projects outside of your work? How else do you spend your time when you're not working with Gardoré?
I have to admit being an early stage startup I work quite a lot at the moment however when I'm not working I currently try to work on my yoga skills and try to practice that as much as they can because this not only gives me good exercise but also gets some calm time and alone time which is sometimes very needed after a long day of work. Other than that and that might sound a bit cheesy but I tried to spend as much time as I can with my loved ones, so friends, family because time with them I think really gives me the best energy that I can get and I try to ideally combine that with travelling with just probably one of my greatest passions. So being away for only a few days with family or good friends and exploring new places is probably the best energy source for me.
How did you meet the co-founder of Gardoré? What makes the two of you a great founding team?
My co-founder, Laura, I met during a Spanish course that we took during the Masters in Barcelona and as we experienced the same problem during our first jobs finding nice business clothes. We are part of the target group, which makes us perfect to understand our customers. We know what their needs are, we know their time constraints, we know what they get, what they want. So that definitely gives us a great advantage. Other than that we managed to build up a great network of supporters that we can really rely on with any kind of topic through our business studies, through our jobs and management consultants, to our travels across the world. So yeah that's really great asset for us as a team but probably the greatest thing also concerning daily work is that we have very complementing skills and personalities. Yet that still works really well together because they're so complimentary I guess. So that makes us a great team.
What's next for your work with Gardoré? Where do you see the company in five years?
Right now we're focusing on building our community increasing our brand awareness and drive traffic to our site. We're currently still operating on zero marketing spend. So we're working with multipliers and brand ambassadors to really get Gardoré out there. We've already started a very interesting interview series with famous female entrepreneurs from Germany. We'll be soon on all of our channels. So stay tuned. It's going to be great. Other than that where I see Gardoré in five years it will be the number one destination to find business fashion. So whether it is that you need inspiration for a new outfit to wear at a very important meeting, or interview, or it is that your black pumps are broken and you need a new pair. Gardoré is the place that is on top of all the business woman's heads out there and the place to go.