Interview with Andrew Green
Senior UX Designer @ Agero

Andrew is an Interactive Designer living in Boston, who was forged in the frozen wastelands of upstate New York, and honed in the concrete jungle of New York City.
What are your preferred design tools?
So my preferred design tools is mostly Sketch for design, for animation of assets I typically use Principal or After Effects because while we may use the adobe cloud sparingly it still is really valuable and still one of the best ways to animate things. Envision though for prototyping still is what we use for everything. Almost every single project uses it and it makes things really easy especially because we have to. We don't have to write up code and specs for handoff for our developers so it really is like speeds up the time and helps like answer a lot of those questions of where's this asset? Where's that asset? I will say though the tool that really I use the most is a pen and paper because I try not to go to the computer before I have everything sketched out a little bit. So I have an idea in my head about how this part is going to look and how the flow is going to be. So it makes a huge difference down the road when I end up on Sketch that I know how everything's going to look already and then it's just a bit more fine tweaking and polishing.
Who is on your team? What makes someone a good fit to work with creatively?
So on our team there's three designers, myself, another senior designer and the head of design. And while we're a small team, it really does give us a lot of advantages. We're able to work very quickly and pivot so far as expanding team, I would like to say anyone who would like to come and work at Agero. You really just need to have a really good eye for design under and really good grasp of empathy of who your customers and clients and users are. Because at the end of the day, you could be someone stuck on the side of the road and you kind of have to make sure you put yourself in that position because your work will touch them eventually and you want to make sure that you think about that and not just want like one to make you a little bit better but to really try to push like and push to make for a better experience for them. And that's really the kind of people who we strive for because like we're trying to do the best work. Best we can. Well maybe not the best we can. But we want to do what's best for our users.
Do you have any creative projects in your free time?
On my free time I enjoy just tinkering and doing lots of little side projects. From as small as just you know trying to see how a design would look if we did something different like this. It can be as simple as just like you know creating a poster for that for fun. But one thing I really enjoy is creating these different case studies for problems that I see in the world. So for example I see the prices of medical, of drugs and medical expenses going up like if you walk into a hospital you have no idea how much it's going to cost. That's a problem that interests me and I want to try to write out a case study and figure out, OK how would I tackle this? This was an actual application or a design and while it doesn't always pertain to the job that I do on day to day basis it's still really good to stretch your mind and experience and to try to see if you can go somewhere that someone hasn't gone before and it usually results in nothing. But sometimes it can result in something cool which is why I do it because I love what I do.
What are you working on now? Where will we see your work in 2019?
So a General is a white label client, not a white level client a white label company per say. So we have our clients and I'm not exactly able to say what we like what we work on and who work who is our client. But I can say that we do a lot of Roadside Assistance Services and like I hope that a lot of the products that I'm creating now are going to impact you during the next snowstorm, during the next time you have a breakdown on the side of the road. If you're trying to have an interaction with a tow company you may not have that interaction this year but I really am excited and I also do hope that should that you have that experience that this will help reduce that kind of level of anxiety that you would have otherwise of not knowing what's happening or what's going on or what to do next. Honestly I hope that you won't have to see my products because if you do it's you're obviously having a bad day. But in a sense maybe you'll see it maybe you won't.