Interview with Andreea K
Creative Director, Founder and Visual Designer @ Klangwelt

Hi, I'm Andreea a.k.a. Klangwelt! I am a creative director and visual designer and I help lifestyle, fashion and entertainment brands break out of the mold with a strong, unmistakable and effective branding identity. My work speaks to the misfits, paradigm shifters and norm pushers who are not afraid to stand behind their words and dare to test the limits of what’s possible. Unlike other creative directors or visual designers, I have a background in computer science and web development, which makes me build not only high end visual concepts, but also designs that work seamlessly and that people want to use. My strongest skills reside in the visual design area, where I love building brands from scratch by utilizing advanced knowledge of graphic design, web design, brand development, fashion and styling, illustration and aesthetics, creative writing, video editing, photography, digital marketing and social media content creation. Throughout my career, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with lots of international clients, including both small businesses and greatly established brands like Subaru, Universal Music Group, LiveNation, Sony Entertainment, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, and Grammy nominated artists.
Andreea, you have been doing design work for almost two decades! What has changed about your creative process through these years of technological innovation?
Oh gosh yes. A lot has changed in the past two decades since I been doing design. I was still in school when I first started doing websites and graphics for local bands and I used to connect people through our c-chats and through forums and since then a lot, a lot has changed especially in the web design space. Back then I could basically do a full Web site from start to finish in a couple of days because the only thing that was- was just each day email. And CSS and none of the technologies that exist nowadays like jQuery or Wordpress, not even Flash as much. And that was definitely a different way of going about design because also fields like user experience didn't exist as a specialty. Now basically when I start doing website I first think of the information I could texture of the experience that a person, a user is going to have but back in the day it was more centered on the actual aesthetics. Like I would just fire up photoshop and you know start with the layout. Now it's more about organizing and structuring the information. And then after that focusing on the aesthetic side. Well it's kind of like reverse almost how you used to be like you start with the layout and then you put the content in now- it's the reverse.
Is Klangwelt a one-woman show? Do you have anyone else on your team? What characteristics make someone a good fit to work with creatively?
Yes I'm glad it's a one woman show at least at the moment. I do all the marketing, the design, the coding, promotion and everything that is currently part of Klangwelt. So you could say that I am both on the creative side and also on the business side as well. And though what would make someone a good fit to work with creatively? Well, only passion. I love working with people that are truly passionate about creativity and about what they do regardless of what field they really are. And so it's very important to be really in love with what you do and passionate. It doesn't matter, you know, your skill set as much as just having that driving force for it and definitely also a little bit of you know, misfit and desire to break boundaries to kind shake things up, to think outside of the box. I work very well with people that just want to push boundaries and maybe create things that are not you know inside of Norm so to speak.
Any recent campaigns that you are particularly proud of? What previous work with brand building best highlights your abilities?
In your recent campaigns that I'm particularly proud of. Yes it's definitely the recent rebranding I've done for New School Recordings. It's a project that is really close to my heart because I done the original branding as well in 2011 and I think it's a great project that this plays in my creative abilities not just because it's an artists' record label and I really really love working with artists and musicians but it's also because it has allowed me a lot of creative freedom and they really trusted my vision for for this. And I just had a very great time collaborating with them and everything. Regarding this branding from revamping that logo to building their website, I've done all the album artworks and flyers and promotional materials as well as the artist development, music videos which is something I haven't done before. I mean not really. And I was really happy and excited to be able to work more on that skill and it's it was really fun and challenging project. I learned a lot. And I'm just super excited about how everything turned out in the end like the whole thing. So yeah I'm really happy about that one. I also worked on their social media so that was another.
What has been the most rewarding facet of your work? Do you have time for creative work outside of your job?
What has been the most rewarding facet of my work? Well literally the creative process in and of itself is the most rewarding facet of my work because I consider myself first and foremost an artist type more than a designer, more than a business person. So I definitely like creating the most. That is when I feel the most alive and that is the most rewarding part of my work. I don't enjoy the negotiations and coding and the more technical side as much as I enjoy the visual side and basically being able to create a vision and to make sure that the aesthetics are on point and that everything has a certain mood with a certain feeling that I need to convey into that particular work. And do I have time for creative work outside of my job? Yes definitely! I'm trying to bring creativity to every aspect of my life and besides my design work I also run a lifestyle and culture blog called which also showcases a lot of my creative abilities. And I know the whole visual storytelling side of my personality. So yeah it's all about creative work all day.
Any new clients or campaigns coming up in the new year? What will 2019 bring to Klangwelt?
Any new clients or campaigns coming up in the New Year? Definitely, I am very excited to work on a full branding at the moment for a fashion designer. She's really a very sweet person and she creates these super cool but technically inspired pieces of jewelry and clothing and also accessories based around botanical elements. And I'm really excited to be helping her with her branding with her website, social media. Everything that needs to be done for her fashion campaigns like catalogs and illustrations, artworks, great pieces of graphic design pieces for promotional materials. I won't be doing the actual designs of the clothing that is her job because she is the fashion designer after all but everything else that pertains to branding- I'll be helping her with and I just can't wait for us to just launch this whole brand. I'm very excited about. That and I also hope I will have more clients in the music and lifestyle and fashion space in 2019 because as you guys know this is where my strongest abilities lie. So I really am hopeful and excited for this new year to be making new ideas happen and new skills to be learned!