Interview with Amanda Shi-Werts
Founder / Designer at 10 To 12 LLC

10 To 12 LLC. produce handmade dazzling, über-comfy security blankets from the finest cashmere on Earth, perfect for the sweetest lounging time with your little one… or as the crowning art piece on a wall. Embellished with unique designs depicting zany bedtime stories inspired by different cultures spanning the globe, their petal soft, non-toxic, security blankets are designed to bring big smiles, awaken curiosity, and make wee ones feel comfort akin to the womb during the “fourth trimester.” It’s sheer baby luxury, which means these extraordinary machine washable blankies can be snuggled with for a lifetime.
What user demographic is 10 To 12 LLC most appealing to?
The user demographic for 10 To 12 LLC is women between 25 to 44-year-old.
What's your strategy for growing 10 To 12 LLC without compromising what makes it special today?
Making things special is what separates us from other baby gifting companies. We design and curate that special gift for new mommies and their little precious ones. This will always be our mission and never be compromised. Let's use our signature baby cashmere blanket as an example. We used to hire's quality cashmere, we embellished blankets was hand embroidery details, every blanket comes with a globe-trotting animal story. Because at 10 To 12 we believe the more familiar little ones are with different culture the more open-minded they become allowing them to develop love and passion for all humanity. Then our baby shoes they are made was cashmere and the softest leather lining made in Portugal and to make them more special we added Silver and Gold Bottom to them. Truth be told the sentimental value is more for mommies. When we strategize our growth we keep in mind that 10 To 12 is more than a brand. We're building a community where new mommies and their friends come and shop for that keepsake item. We're very focused on designing and curating products that give mommies sentimental value and we're opposite of fast fashion. Everything we make and select is for a lifetime.
What was it like transitioning from being the Designer Owner of Amanda Shi LLC to your work at 10 To 12 LLC? How is your life different now?
Amanda Shi LLC was a fashion brand being the second generation of cashmere manufacture. That's what I knew I was always in women's fashion but one day I realized that my heart is actually closer to a different world. A world were special products offered to new mommies and their babies. So they're happy comfortable and enjoying their special time together. 10 To 12 is an online business. I spent most of my time between my home office here and our warehouse. It reduced the amount of my travelling a lot. So I have more time with my twins. I work with an amazing team from character design, to writing stories, to designing our product, making our product and marketing our product. It definitely has enriched my life. And then I get to work with amazing new mommies who finds time to write blogs with me and this gives me more creative juice in terms of designing and curating our products.
What's next for 10 To 12 LLC? Any exciting projects coming down the pipe?
What's next? We're making the next generation of Mommy and Me outfits. Not to give everything away. We're making a collection for new mommies so that they can feel great wearing these pieces at home or out. So no more pajamas for breastfeeding mommies during the day. The pieces are designed with function and style, and mommy can go to their outings with their babies and friends without changing or reach out to get covers for breastfeeding. And the styles, let's just say they're cool mommies. Another thing one of our new collaborating brands is an internationally renowned super cool Italian shoe brand. We can't say the name yet but we're very excited to include them in the next spring's mommy collection. Of course baby matching shoes are coming with.
Where does 10 To 12 LLC source its cashmere from?
We source all of our cashmere from Inner Mongolia.
What are your goals for 2019?
2019 is about steady growth. We would like to grow our business organically with a strong foundation. We're staying exclusively online with a few exceptions of stores will have the same mission. We would like to open up the channel for more mommies to submit more writings so we can include them in our blog, anonymously or not. This will further build our community with updated real life experiences. Last but not least we would like to continue supporting our baby charities such as Baby2Baby so that all newborn babies will have the most enjoyable time together with their mommies.