Interview with Aleksandr Kuboskin
Managing Director @ Enfilade Capital

Enfilade Capital is an independent investment and strategy advisory boutique providing broad range of services for both young and established businesses. We see ourselves at the intersection of operational strategy in the digital age and traditional financial services. We actively invest in seed and early-stage tech start-up companies and provide support in different areas ranging from consulting and interim management, nearshoring of IT-projects to fundraising and investor relations. Furthermore, we are your reliable partner when it comes to transaction management, financial restructuring as well as capital structure composition. ​ We have extensive experience and in-depth expertise in a variety of industries. We are convinced that our operational know-how and proactive hands-on approach are the critical success factors for value creation to businesses in the relevant industries. Being an independent outlet, we are in a position to invest flexibly with long-term time horizon and accompany our clients throughout every development stage of their businesses.
Hello Aleksandr, could you please introduce Enfilade Capital and what key projects you have managed since becoming Managing Director?
Hi my name is Alex and I'm managing director of Enfilade Capital investment advisory boutique based in Berlin. On the one hand, we provide traditional services like transaction management, Investor Relations, fundraising, restructuring and on the other hand, we are deeply involved in the startup industry and we invest in the seed stages across the industry, so we're basically industry agnostic. But the main focus, what we look at that interrelate, we think that giving our sad condition to our financial system, we need to prepare to be crash and crash and this will lead to involvement of new players. No one knows what is going to be and how it's going to be, but I think we try to position ourselves in terms of what's going to be the next step, because our financial system is completely messed, it's gonna blow up, the question what's going to be the next step. Is it going to be cryptos? Is it going to be traditional banks? There's gonna be some fintech companies or even tech companies becoming banks? at the moment it's hard to say but it involves pretty quickly, I think the idea is, I personally think that the crash is gonna come within the next 24 months and it will be very disruptive nothing compared to the two-year crisis we had 10 years ago, so we are looking into advising companies preparing for this crash because supply chains will be disrupted, everything is going to be put under major stress and you need to be prepared to act and try to save your business in this very serious condition, so this is more or less focus where we try to help businesses prepare for this big big crash coming up.
How did your experience at the lemonblood group prepare you for your current work?
Well, it actually hasn't. The reason is that I've I've been with Lemonblood for a very short time. I moved to Berlin to push this business. It was supposed to be an advisory business with the investment vehicle for startups and we were planning to build around it an accelerator but it turned out that the empathy we had with my business partner, basically made us blind and trust each other in the first major stress situation where we had to solve certain problems showed up that we actually were so different, but at the end of the day even though there were no like really rewarding moments in this journey. I think it's great to know that you can fail and how you can fail and it's just uh another lesson learned when you have to, ok, just stand up and move on. It doesn't make sense to put your head in the sand and just say oh, my God, what happened. So I think it overall was a good experience for my personal background, from a professional view, well, kind of not really meaningful.
What has been the largest project you've worked on with Enfilade Capital?
I think it's just not about the size but rather about the meaning of what we do, I mean, we help a lot of our portfolio companies actively. One of the companies which is active in the E-sports industry is now preparing an ICO which is an I think excellent experience, we'll have to see how we can manage all the all the problems giving the attention the industry is getting. On the other hand, we also, with the other portfolio company would go a different way instead of ICO we're doing an ETO equity talking offering, so bit different approach, and again I think it's gonna be a steep learning curve, and I think one of the major issues what I'm trying out to address I want to reach out to people and bring the topic of, again and the very dire condition of our financial system, and I want people to start talking about it, because we still have time to prepare ourselves, otherwise we're gonna be basically too late, and we've got to deal with the consequences instead of preparing ourselves and trying to mitigate the negative possibilities of outcomes. So I'm trying to reach out and anyone who is interested to give me some time and listen to my thoughts regarding this, I think is going to be really interesting. A lot of facts showing how bad it actually is, and I think to prepare, especially entrepreneur, for the next wave because every downturn is going to be basically huge possibility to create new businesses and create new capital. I think we are entering a very scary but at the same time a very interesting period of time in our lives.
What is your dream job within your field? Or who would you most like to work with?
I actually don't think I have a dream job. I used to be a banker and I worked eight and a half years in the leveraged finance, acquisition finance division, that was long working hours, but it was a very well paid job, so at a certain point, I couldn't bear it anymore so I quit the job at the end and, I went in this startup direction and after the startup I went to a different journey, I got into a bit spiritual and now I ended up doing financial services again. so I'm kind of in the age where I would say, I'll just let go, I don't want exhibit control over my uh projects. I am pretty open and I want to meet new people and see if I can contribute and create a win-win situation. It doesn't have to be the financial field, it can be in any field. I think for me it's the most important factor is that the people I work with, on the same ground and we get well together. Spending time with someone you don't like is not worth for me anymore. So I think anything that is meaningful where I can learn a lot, just improve my skills professionally and personally, is great. So I'm open to any suggestions at the end of the day.
What's next for Enfilade Capital, as well as your own career?
As a founder of an Enfilade Capital I should be very optimistic but to be honest given my focus, I think we are gonna have a rough time in the next one to two years before this whole system is gonna blow up. Until then, it's just party time and no one's really interested in talking about the subject. So, I think after this happens we're prepared to provide restructuring services, we're prepared to provide the organization readjustments to get you there in your new reality. So for me is just time to set all the operational columns that will bear the business going forward in place and it takes time, but I think at the end my timing is right I will definitely have my share of the markets when the things turn out, to be as they, will turn out to be, because as I already mentioned there is no chance we will avoid the next financial crisis because it's the numbers are giving us clear picture. We know that it's gonna happen, we just don't know when, and this state has been continuing for the last six to eight years. We were well expanding, we're growing but we need to come back and face the reality and it's gonna happen very soon and that's what I'm preparing for.