Interview with Adi Gabay
Founder & CEO @ Amity Creative

Amity Creative believes in combining branding, storytelling, networking and strategic planning to garner fan engagement, brand awareness and sales through social networks. They do this by telling your story and inspiring others to fall in love with it ❤️️they develop quality post text (specific to your brand’s guidelines), provide professional graphic design, increase page engagement though hyper targeted social media ad campaigns and most importantly- they adapt the marketing strategy constantly to fit your business needs and ongoing changes in the social media sphere.
Hi Adi! Could you please introduce your work with Amity Creative and what led to your founding the agency back in 2015?
Hi! Yes of course. I founded Amity after being in the business for a while and noticing that small to medium business owners who can't spend tens of thousands of dollars a month on social media marketing- end up compromising for other types of social media management services. And what ends up happening is that they work with big companies who offer them packages for $399 or $499 a month and post you know once a day or a few times a week for them. But they're not really doing everything in their power to help this business achieve their goals. What ends up happening is that the business is not happy, obviously and sometimes even loses their, you know their trust in social media. They don't feel that social media is something that can serve them well because they're not getting Facebook ads or they're not doing affiliate marketing or their audience is not growing as fast as they'd hoped. And the real reason is they don't have the budgets to pay the really good larger agencies and and the other companies just don't offer other packages for them. I founded Amity because I wanted to offer the same small to medium business owners custom packages in which they can get Facebook advertisements and affiliate marketing and other types of campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn that again are tailored for their needs and are not costing them a fortune but they're also not as cheap and limited as some of the other companies.
How has the rapidly changing world of social media and branding changed since you founded the agency?
Wow! Social media has actually changed drastically since I started. When I started doing social media marketing I actually think that Facebook and Instagram were two separate entities. Facebook didn't buy Instagram yet so a lot of the business tools that we can currently use on Instagram were not available back in the day and also the demographics. Instagram used to be a platform for younger audiences for teens and now everyone is on Instagram just as much as Facebook. So that's that's a huge huge thing that changed. Everything that has to do with Facebook targeting, back in the day you you know when I started when we wanted to create Facebook ads we mainly used keywords and ages and other demographics. Now there's so many behaviors that you can target. Now you can create custom audiences and look alike audiences and really be very, very specific and what you need and what you want. You can re-target Web site visitors. And re-target people that have already engaged with your business in the past. So you know Facebook just keeps growing and changing, mostly for the better. Honestly when I started you couldn't advertise on Pinterest. I remember the day that Pinterest introduced advertising options and we were so excited for some of our clients who really needed that. So I really remember that actually as a milestone branding moment. Branding has changed a lot. The perception of what branding is and the importance of branding, we used to jump right into managing an account and creating a Facebook account and now we really, really dedicate a lot of time and money to brand.
How would you describe your aesthetic and methodology when it comes to digital marketing and branded content?
Branding is actually a huge part of what we do here at Amity Creative. You know social media is so easy to use that sometimes brands use it carelessly. They upload any photo any video to social media because they want to be seen but they're not thinking about how they are seen. They're missing one very very crucial step and that step is called strategy. Strategy is a huge part. You need to have a plan. You need to know what you want your feed to look like. You need to know what you want your pictures to look like. You need to edit them and to edit the videos and to make sure you have a very clear and cohesive look and brand voice on all your social media channels. You know what I always tell my clients is that branding for your official social media pages is just as important as your websites and catalogs and and you know. It really goes a long way when people can scroll down their feeds and know that this is your post just based on the colors and the language that you're using.
What's next for your work with Amity Creative? What are the main projects, partnerships, and formats you'll be focusing on throughout the year?
This is actually such an exciting question for me. 2019 is a very very exciting year for Amity creative. I think that what I can share with you at this point is that I'm working on a project in collaboration with a partner that will provide solutions for small businesses. Now it's not the same small businesses that Amity creative is currently working with but those who can't afford our services at this point those who are, who just started out those who work from home or are thinking about opening a business even and really need the right tools to use social media for their goals and objectives through the business. We're going to offer them something very very interesting and that's coming up in the next few months. So stay tuned. Thank you.