Interview with Adam Connors
Founder & CEO @ NetWorkWise

Adam is the Founder and CEO of NetWorkWise, a business platform that expedites outcomes for people through training in the art and science of personal and professional networking. Prior to NWW, Adam was Managing Director of Simia Capital, a litigation funding company and wholly owned subsidiary of Asta Funding, Inc. Previously, Adam was Managing Director of GWG MCA Capital, Inc. and Managing Director of Walker Preston, LLC. He’s held numerous roles as an executive search professional and business coach assisting countless management consultants, technology startup executives, and Fortune 500 company leaders in unlocking higher performance and building inspirational careers.
Hi Adam! Could you please introduce NetWorkWise and what led to your founding the company last year? At what point did you realize that there was a need for a company such as NetWorkWise?
There's a false sense of connectedness right now in the world, and I Adam Connors and my company Network Wise is here to help solve that problem. You see, I used to own an executive search firm that catered to the Wall Street community it was very high end and I got an opportunity to work with some of the largest hedge funds, family offices, major insurance companies, global banks in the world. Whenever I had someone that was a hitter I had a standard question that I would ask them, that was if there was one thing that you would do over, or differently in your life what would it be. The answer unanimously would have been or I should say would always have been had something to do with networking, building better relationships, and nurturing those that they already had. I also used to own a career coaching company and regardless of who and what level of the person that I worked with, we found the biggest skill gap and area of improvement had to do with networking. The irony is 70 to 80 percent of the jobs out there are found in what's called the "hidden job market". That's through one's network. Yet most people had limited networks. So I figured let's build a company that can expand those networks and increase those opportunities. And therein lied Network Wise.
What are some of the challenges you face when showing clients the important benefits of in-person networking over social media networking?
By the time that someone gets to me, I don't necessarily have to show them the important benefits. I think we all know that if you have or are part of a robust networks that you will ascertain better jobs quicker. You will have a more accurate view of the world. You will have access to better information. You will be in a position of leadership, and of course, you will be an overall much happier person. Obviously, everyone is a unique individual but there are three main hurdles that people commonly face an improper mindset, fear, and confidence. The funny thing is that they are all intertwined so that's what we do. First and foremost we educate our clients on what true networking is and then we tell them how to go about building the right relationships and provide them with tools and a roadmap that they can follow to help not just build but nurture those relationships. Social media is one of the tools in their arsenal but you can never replace the in-person experience and quality time.
What separates NetWorkWise from similar companies coaching and training entrepreneurs on networking skills? What makes your approach unique?
We wipe your slate clean and start from scratch. Think of it like a computer reboot. What we do is help you unlearn the previously thought, or I should say what you previously thought was networking and then build you up from there. We get rid of the bad habits improper mindsets and all the things that come along with that. Once you fundamentally understand what it means to network wise we provide you with the tools and the roadmap. From there you're off to the races. Most people just have a false sense of what it means to network, probably as much as 95 percent. So you aren't alone and don't worry because Network Wise is here for you. I'd love to say that I have reinvented the wheel but in fact, we haven't. Everything I teach and every tip trick and treat I share has most likely been around since the beginning of time. I think what makes us unique is the robustness and granularity of what we offer as well as our process.
You also have a successful podcast! Who have been some of the most intriguing and enlightening guests you've had on the show?
There are three criteria to being a guest on "Conversations with Connors" Number one, I need to know like and trust you and admire you. Number two you need to be successful. I quantify success is living a life by design not by default. The third criteria is that you can contribute a cornerstone of your success by the relationships that you have developed, rather than highlight one guest in particular. I'll tell you about the breadth of guests that I've had: U.S. presidential candidates, movie stars, CEOs, music producers, pioneers in the cannabis space, professional athletes and many other successful people. Your question is really subjective. My suggestion is that you check out the show for yourself.
What's next for your work with NetWorkWise? What are the main projects, partnerships, and markets you'll be focusing on in 2019?
2019 is a breakout year for Network Wise our online course launches this year, as does our certification process. We'll be offering individuals the opportunity to become Network Wise certified. We foresee this certification as something that will help to open many doors, both personally and professionally. We'll also be launching our first of many conferences that will be catered to careers. The value that these conferences will offer will be like nothing you have ever attended before. There will also be a big social media campaign coming out where our goal is to educate the masses to not just network, but to Network Wise