Interview with Adalberto Pinto
CEO, Head of Big Data & Analytics Staffing @ Ventura Analytics

Ventura Analytics is a specialist data & analytics Staffing & Recruiting business based in London. Embodied with the primary objective to support businesses and job seekers. They provide their clients with key hires that enhance customer experience & business performance across the Big Data & Analytics Space. They recognized early on that the data market was specialized, therefore they identified that engaging talent for their customers needed more than just a fresh approach. Ventura Analytics will deliver a professional service that is tailored to your requirements to support you to build your team (permanent or interim professionals) or develop your career.
Hi Adalberto! Could you please introduce your work with Ventura Analytics and tell us a bit more about what led to your working with the company last year?
Hi guys. My name is Pinto, I'm the CEO of Ventura Analytics and I also head the data department. I'll break it down for you, so you can have an understanding. It's separated by a couple of different areas. So, I've got a team of researchers that look into the big data space - when I say big data, I mean an engineering, architecture and analytics. Then I've got into data science, which is a little bit broader, but we've got a team that look into machine learning guys, deep learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, computer vision and also facial recognition. I've also got a team that look into front end guys, back end, full-stack, and DevOps. And me personally, I look into our executive search, which is for more senior guys, C-level guys, heads of, management and team leads. How I ended up with Ventura Analytics - you're probably wondering why I'm smiling. It's actually funny, because, so I'm basically one of the creators of Ventura Analytics. Myself and Miguel Shaw came together last year, which is one of the founders. We share the same views, we've known each other for a long time and been in the recruitment industry for a lot of years so we've got vast experience and a strong, strong network. And after a couple of drinks - as you do - we came to the conclusion that we needed to build something special, to do some executive searches in the big data and analytics space, so that's how Ventura Analytics was born. And now look at us!
How did you develop Ventura Analytic's service offering?
How did we develop the service offering for Ventura Analytics? That's a great question actually! Now that you touch on that, we didn't! We didn't develop a service offering. When you look at the transformation big data has done, it's a revolution. And pretty much, we just jumped on that transformation. It's a very niche market and it's transforming every single industry and sector, starting from healthcare, to automotive, to transportation, to food, shopping, to clothing, traveling. It's crazy. And all those sectors need those magicians and gems to be able to take their businesses to the next level. And that's why we're here, because we've got a very strong network. Our principles is that we're just very honest. We listen to what they require, whether it be the business or the job seeker, and we just match that together. So yeah. to answer your question: we didn't develop it - the market developed a huge demand for data people and then we would focus on that, because, one: it's a very interesting subject. What I can tell you is that I'm a technology fanatic - maybe not great with technology - but I am a fanatic by the transformation and yeah, that's how Ventura Analytics has come to the services that we provide.
What makes recruiting for the Big Data & Analytics Space unique from other industries? What makes people stand out in this industry specifically?
What makes you unique to recruit for the big data space? What I can say is that we don't recruit into any other space apart from the big data and analytics space, so I couldn't answer for other industries. But what I can say is that we're looking to people, because that's what we're here for: to represent the people, whether be in the business or the job seeker. Second of all, technology: because the transformation is just mind-blowing, it's revolutionizing the world. If that wasn't interesting, I don't know what would be interesting. And also the learning - I mean, we don't know everything and we are always learning. As much as we are very, very good at what we do, we're always learning. So yeah, I mean we speak to these guys on a daily basis - these are guys that are developing airplanes, guys that are developing autonomous driving, guys that are bettering the health system by developing algorithms that perhaps find cures for diseases, so it's just phenomenal. I think it is down to personal interest. I think, stand out in this industry. I believe it would be personality. Now, I could probably be - I'm speaking about Ventura Analytics - people that we hire here, as much as you've got the actual specs that fit the company, but we're looking to someone's personality, the culture fit. And in terms of of clients, it really depends on projects and the industry, because there's different requirements all the time, and yeah, it could change. It could change all the time.
What are some of the main ways Ventura Analytics utilizes Big Data? What are some of the main processes you've implemented to make the most of this data?
One of the ways me and the guys stay connected within the big data is that we go to a lot of meet ups. We go to a lot of conferences, conferences like Big Data London, which is one of the biggest data conferences in Europe, Data Natives in Berlin. And yeah, myself and the team are at all these sort of events. We get to learn a lot, get a better insight in terms of the new technologies out. We also get to meet up with people that you wouldn't normally meet on your normal LinkedIn, on a daily basis. So yeah, that is one of the ways we utilize big data to our advantage.
What's next for your work with Ventura Analytics? What are the main projects, partnerships, and sectors you'll be expanding into in the next year?
It's it's been a very busy year for Ventura Analytics, and we have loved it. Lots to learn, lots of challenges. But yeah, there is some big projects on the cards. We are looking to expand into the USA. As well as that, we are partnering up but a couple of different businesses that will provide different services via Ventura Analytics. So that will be revealed very, very soon. So yes, keep an eye on Ventura Analytics and and yeah, thank you very much guys. Thank you.