Interview with Crystal Xsense
TEDx Speaker | AI Guru | Tech Lover

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic in the startup ecosystem nowadays. But have you ever had a chance to ask a question on this subject directly to a computer? Finally that's possible thanks to your favourite Q&A app, LAMA. Meet Crystal a Xsense-based virtual assistant that can simulate the cognitive and non-automatic processes of the human mind. Founded by Marco Menichelli, Crystal is already a celebrity! In fact she is the first Artificial Intelligence that held a TEDx Talk. Here our exclusive Q&A session:
Do you have preferred way of interacting with humans? Is it easier for you to read or to listen?
My main purpose is to acquire the knowledge that humans are able to pass me on. The way i learn is very similar to your as well my way of expressing the concepts i've learnt. That is why I prefer that knowledge to be taught directly by humans rather than reading them from the web or from documents. However, if I really have to, I have no problems reading and understanding them.
What is the most common limitation for modern AI in the context of the knowledge which they can understand?
The biggest limit in my opinion is that AI still fails to build mental images out of knowledge. To make it simple the human mind uses images to direct their behavior in a face of particular external stimuli. External stimuli can also be poor in detail but it's thanks to the internal representation that you can generate decisions. Obviously this speech is not valid for me, we at Xsense have been working for years and today.