Interview with Bassem Hamdy
Co-Founder & CEO @ Brickschain

Brickschain will enable us to connect, catalogue, and manage the DNA of buildings through Blockchain technology and is the first enterprise blockchain custom tailored for the construction and facilities management industries. Brickschain aims to transform how we interact with the built worlds around us. By ensuring data integrity and provenance, Brickschain powers information and data layers for real assets, bringing builidings to life, and enabling massive productivity gains and powerful data management solutions in real time.
What's next for Brickschain?
Brickschain right now is only focused on building the right product for our industry. We’re at two trade shows in the month of June, Future Tech and AIA, where will be running meetups to gain even more industry feedback beyond that of our pilot. The focus on delivering value and I think we already on the path of doing that.
What growth have you experienced since launching the startup?
It's been three weeks since our launch and we've already set up four pilot agreements with companies who are diverse as municipalities, to general contractors, to large construction owners. All of them were excited to bring the world of blockchain and new technology to construction and facilities management. We also got a great reception from press and investors. It's been an exciting time for us and we only see the growth coming in faster.
Which aspect of blockchain technology is useful for the world of construction? Are you researching other uses for the technology in your field?
We have three core uses for blockchain with construction. The first one is data coordination. The 6 to 25 different systems are used on any one given project, but there's no real master system or single version of the truth. We are actually taking in data from those multiple systems and bringing them to consensus on an open ledger. The second use case is all about facilities management. Taking that data and making it applicable to their owners of large facilities. Think about it, if we have great data management and a great facility manager, there's a handover process and that's the last use case I’ll take about. General contractors taking all the rich data they have and handing them over to the owners. The key thing is here 95% of all construction data is lost or thrown away after construction is completed. We intend to change that using blockchain technology.
How did you meet your co-founder, and when did you decide to go into business together? What makes you a great team?
I've known Ron Goldshmidt, my co-founder, now for 20 years. He was the best man at my wedding and we've always looked for a project to work together on. Construction and blockchain is actually the perfect convergence of financial engineering and construction technology. So it's just the right project for both of us.
We saw that you've been working with construction software companies for over almost two decades. When did you start getting acquainted with blockchain technology and see its applicability with the world of construction?
I've been in construction for almost 20 years and we've seen transitions from constructions ERP, to mobile, to Cloud. We've seen all these things happen but productivity hasn't actually been there yet. One of the things that's missing in construction is the understanding that everybody's together. Everybody's in it together but they have diverging needs and goals. One of the things that we love about distributed ledger technology, which is blockchain, is that is drives trust, integrity and transparency because it is an open ledger. My co-founder, Ron Goldshmidt, brought blockchain to me from the crypto world. For those that wonder what crypto is, it's bitcoin and ethereums. That technology can be used as an enabler to drive better handover process and most importantly give people answers to the questions that they don't have today.
Could you please introduce Brickschain and what led to your co-founding the company?
Brickschain is the first contraction blockchain built specifically for the Build world. The reason why me and my co-founder, Ron Goldshmidt, focused on building Brickschain is to make buildings more sustainable, safer, and the industry more productive.