Interview with Aydeli Rios
Founder @ Guapalita

Aydeli Rios is a professional who has developed a career oriented in education, training, and consultancy. Graduate of a B.A. in International Relations from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education; higher studies at the University of Wisconsin-STOUT; a master degree in Psycho pedagogy from the School of Education Sciences; and certifications in DISC, TWI Job Instruction, Leadership Plus, Assessment Center, Competency-Based Interview, and Executive Coaching; Mrs. Rios counts with an enriched learning reference context.
How does Guapalita promote the UN Women´s empowerment principles worldwide? Is there a specific region it focuses on?
To promote UN women's empowerment principles, Guapalita has three departments: corporate, schools and communities. What do we with these departments? We design workshops and they´re for free! That's the most interesting part! At the moment, we have an interesting workshop called “Transforming our social structures for a better gender perspective”. There is no specific region to work with this; any type of region or community in the world is welcome. The only thing they have to do is to raise their hand and let us know that you want a workshop, specifically for you. So far we work with the group of schools in Europe, particularly in Germany. Next year we have a plan to deploy a special workshop in more 50 schools in Mexico. There's a strong interest, so far in a community in India, to do important projects in equal gender.
Worldwide what are the main trends keeping women from reaching their full economic and social potential? How does Guapalita combat these trends?
I'm a lover of history and sometimes I like to go backwards and see how our institutions and governments have proposed projects and developments in order to provide an equal gender society. What I have found, over the years, is that the problem prevails because of our beliefs. It's sad to say but the community is actually the responsible of this. We are responsible of this. We are the ones who have been assigning roles over history. We are the ones who have been saying: this is for women or this is for men; this is pink and this is blue. We have to stop. We have to stop it to interconnect all the parties in order to provide a new mentality for the new generations. This is basically what Guapalita is working for, through its workshops and conferences. We have the firm conviction that if we provide to the new generations these ideas of equal gender and a better equal gender perspective, we can develop and raise up new citizens with more awareness in order to join these two genders for a better gender perspective.
Could you please discuss the "ambassador" program hosted by Guapalita and how it benefits women around the world?
I have to say that the first time that I launched this campaign of ambassadors, I was very surprised about the number of people that were really interested to be part of Guapalita as an ambassador. We received communication from India, from the United Arab Emirates, from Nigeria, from Africa to Spain, Portugal, Mexico, United States, Canada, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. We were so pleased to have so many people on board. I'm so happy to know that our Ambassadors are the promoters of Guapalita´s values abroad. They're the ones who actually know their communities. They are the ones who know their needs. They receive our training and they deploy our workshops. They make the members of their communities feel more integrated through the program, and exchange new ideas to this big family we are. This is basically what we promote in the Ambassador program and we, of course, invite all the people that want to be part of Guapalita. Be sure that you're going to receive specific training in order to know what to deploy, how to deploy it, and how to inspire other people. How to fill out this motivation, inspiration and values of this equal gender.
Could you please introduce Guapalita and what led to your founding the project?
Hello everyone, my name is Aydeli Rios and I am the founder of Guapalita and today I'd like to introduce you what is Guapalita and what we would like to do. Guapalita is a global social movement which was born with the idea of promoting equal gender worldwide, along with the UN Women Empowerment Principles in the world. The idea is to raise awareness in the new generations in order to welcome these rights that every woman in the world has. I'm pretty sure that if you are watching this video you have experienced, at least once in life, a situation of rejection, discrimination, or inequality. I have experienced many moments and situations like this. That's why I have said to myself “no more”, “basta” and this has pushed me to found Guapalita; to do something, to start making actions; this is what we need and basically what we intend to do when we invite other ambassadors to be part of our projects, campaigns and programme. Guapalita intends to break down this mentality that still rules in the world where there are roles designed and assigned by the society to female and male gender. We need to unlearn, and we need to learn again. We can do this with your help, with the help of the society; not only with women, but with men as well.