Interview with Andreas Wedenberg
Co-Founder of Shipyard Games

Inherent entrepreneur with great passion for a combination of art and coding, Andreas Wedenberg is a rare combination of artist and programmer, with a profound understanding of user experience design and mobile gaming. Andreas co-founded Shipyard Games at the beginning of 2017 in Helsinki, Finland, that is home to some of the top talent in gaming. Shipyard Games is a fresh new mobile gaming studio and its primary mission is to build world-class location-based games for mobile. The company is backed by Supercell, the best game maker in the world! Check out our exclusive Q&A session with Andreas:
According to your website, you “started to build the future of gaming almost ten years ago – but you were too early and the world was not ready for you.” What happened back then?
Our first location-based game, Shadow Cities, was very different from other games back then and in addition to that it was a very non-casual and hard to approach.
Earlier this year, Shipyard received an investment of 2,9 million dollars from Supercell to develop a new game. Can you already give us a few details about the game you are working on?
I am afraid I can't give you much at this point, but I can tell you that our game will be free to play and for a casual audience.
In an interview, you mentioned that you were inspired by the success of Pokémon GO. Are you still an active player of Pokémon GO?
I have collected about seventy different Pokémon, so they are quite some but I am not a hardcore player. I don't play the game anymore but I really enjoyed it when I was playing.
Pokémon GO ended up being a relatively short-lived hype. How so? Where did they go wrong?
I don't think Pokémon did anything wrong, they did something miraculous instead. Collecting Pokémon is fun but maybe using them might have been designed in a different to make the game last a bit longer.
How did you become a game developer?
I was working in a large tech company when iPhone came out in 2007, with the GPS chip. A couple of colleagues and I realized that it would be super fun to make games using the GPS chip and the players' location as a part of the game. That was when we all become game developers.
The Shipyard-team calls itself the pioneers of location-based gaming. What exactly makes you a pioneer?
We released our first location-based game called Shadow Cities in 2010 and that was one of the first location-based in the world.
Where do you go if you are looking for inspiration?
In my case inspiration can't be forced, I just wait for it and eventually it will surface if I am patient. Things like taking a walk or waking up in the middle of the night can help.