Interview with Alida Altemburg
Founder of D Major TV - Space for Classical Music

Classical pianist and digital marketing expert Alida Altemburg is the creator and founder of D Major TV. D Major TV facilitates the promotion and dissemination of classical music through social media in support of young classical musicians. A classically trained pianist at the Conservatory of Genoa Nicolò Paganini, Alida is passionate about sharing her appreciation for classical music and conserving its culture for future generations. Before founding D Major, Alida collaborated with Google in Melbourne, Australia, and started a project of cultural involvement on the web, developing strategies for Foundations such as the Glenn Gould Foundation of Toronto and the Puccini Museum in Italy. Check out our exclusive Q&A session with Alida:
Which is your biggest achievement with D Major TV?
The biggest achievement of this year was on the 20th of September, when we celebrated the 85th birthday of the iconic Glenn Gould with a lot of great musicians. We contributed with Glenn Gould Foundation, our partner, to create the Glenn Gould Day in Toronto. We created many other events, for example for Arturo Toscanini and his great anniversary at the Monumental Cemetery in Milan. We are working and developing many more concerts and events and we use social media to share art and culture.
A part of your being a pianist and a model you are also passionate about Tech. Do you think that there is a link between tech and music?
There is a big link between technology and music. They are both languages: when you play you need to look at the score and you need to “digit” at the piano and the same happens with technology, for example when you need a program in the creation of an algorithm. Technology and music are creativity and there are a lot of things they have in common. For example, D Major has Glenn Gould as its biggest inspiration: he was an early adopter of technology and also a classical pianist. He is a great inspiration for all musicians around the world and as D Major we are very happy to bring together these two things. A a programmer, I am convinced that when you create a website or a program, as well as when you play, there are a lot of similar creative strengths in your mind.
Hi Alida, can you tell us something more about D Major TV? Why you decided to found it and which are the goals of the association?
D Major combines my two passions of classical music and technology. After working for Google in marketing analytics in Australia, I went back to Italy and decided to start D Major to create a place where classical musicians can feel at home. Where they can upload their videos, talk with freedom about their achievements and their concerts. I think classical music is for everyone and a lot of our associates are actually really young. There are great opportunities for the audience to get to know the world of classical music, this is why I decided to found it. I am the president of the association and I try to represent at my best all these young classical musicians: another goal for us is to bring music to people in need with free concerts.
You are also an incredible Pianist. Can you tell us something about this passion?
I started playing the piano when I was five. I listened to Beethoven in a TV advertisement and became fascinated by his music. I had this little keyboard my dad had given me so I asked him if I could take lessons. Now it's one of the greatest passions of my life. I also love talking about the lives of composers. I think a musician is so much more than just a person playing an instrument, musicians are thinkers and music influences every aspect of their lives.
What would you recommend to somone who wants to become a professional pianist?
If you want to become a professional pianist my personal advice is to start when you are a young kid, around 5 or 6 years old. This is a message for mums and dads: if your son or daughter has a gift, send him or her to a good conservatory or teacher. Play a lot and learn from mistakes, you need to have a lot of passion and dedication: it's an hard work and you need to improve yourself everyday. When you play an instrument you need to dedicate a lot of time to the art, you need to be sure when you start, because if it is serious you are going to dedicate your whole life to it.
Can you tell us something about the Classic piano therapy and how does it works?
D Major offers classical concerts for free in places where classical music it is not free (or available). We organize a concert as a piano therapy and also talk about the life of the composer. Elderly care centers, prisons, shelter for homeless people and many more are the places where we host the concerts. We can help people find their own way and lead a healthy life through music.