Interview with Yudelky Escorbores
Founder, Health & Wellness Coach @ YesCoWellness

My goal is to empower you to form long-lasting healthy habits that can turn your world around. If you are searching for a diligent, creative, and goal-oriented coach to motivate and help you reach your targets, you have come to the right place. My newly found passion for running was the keystone habit that led to many behavioral changes in my current lifestyle. The results were astounding, one run led me to a marathon and then, with very little effort I started eating cleaner, sleeping better, and felt physically and psychologically stronger after every race. I was finally able to silence the mind and listen to my body. Returning to my pre-pregnancy weight was just a bonus, the biggest benefit happened within. Change is a process that takes time, but it is attainable if you embrace it as part of the new vision of you. Mesmerized by my own health improvements, I started researching human behavior and our ability to change and adapt. I learned about our physiology and the important role nutrition plays in health and wellbeing. Genetic predisposition to certain ailments and conditions is a real problem, but it only amounts to ~35% of the risk. The rest lies in our daily behavioral choices. I discovered the science and psychology behind adopting these habits and how to bring it all to your doorstep so that you too can enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
Could you please introduce YesCoWellness and why you decided to found your own holistic health company?
My name is Yudelky Escorbores, I’m a nutritionist and health and wellness coach, Founder of YesCoWellness based in Essen Germany. I am a mother of two and an athlete marathon runner. My practice offers one on one coaching and group coaching. The group coaching is the most successful product that I have, people are really happy to work together and go through the entire journey of changing their lifestyles together as its very motivational. For my work, I focus on the three pillars of wellness. The three pillars of wellness are nutrition, exercise and sleep. I stumbled upon this secret sauce on accident with a key habit change that I found myself when I started to run one day after being completely stressed out, and then I never stopped running ever since. But what that triggered was a change in sleep, and I started to sleep better, and eat better as I started to focus on nutrition. So after that, I decided to become certified and open out my practice here in Germany.
What was your experience registering a business in Germany? Do you think this process is easier or more difficult than it is in the United States?
Opening a business in the United States depends on which state you are registering your business. I have never registered one in the US but there is something very uncomplicated called a Limited corporation and I believe that’s the least of the complicated processes of registering in the United States. However, opening a business here in Germany is not complicated at all. If you’re starting small, you can open something called a ‘Side Business’ this way you avoid a lot of the red tape as a business grows. That’s what I totally recommend to anybody that’s starting small like I did.
Do you have any tips specifically for young professionals looking to jump start their fitness journey and lead a healthier lifestyle?
I want you to keep in mind the types of animals we are. We are pleasure-seeking creatures of habits, the choices that you make today might stick around longer than you want to. I see a lot of young people around who are smoking or consuming too much alcohol or depending on high calorific drinks like Red Bull or other stimulants through the day. These are habits that might be difficult to break in the future. So when you make decisions, make sure you are conscious of the decisions you are making and that you’re not making those decisions because friends are making those decisions for you.
Do you have any private or public partnerships with health foundations or companies in Germany? Has your clientele outreach mostly taken place through word of mouth or advertising?
I don’t have particular partnerships with health foundations or companies in Germany but I have worked in the past with certain companies but my clientele for my group coaching and one on one is primarily from social media marketing and word of mouth.
How do you decide which health plan is best for each client?
So basically everyone is different and everyone has different needs, I work with a basic concept that there are three pillars of wellness that need to be optimised in most people, otherwise, they wouldn’t be searching for a health coach. How I help them is that I look into their strengths and weaknesses, and I work with their values and time in mind. Everyone is different, its kind of like a dance, we talk and see what works out for them and figure out how is it that I can help them visualise and realise what would be good and can help them in their situation. And that’s how I work, there is no particular spreadsheet or plan that I can subscribe. It’s all about the individuals and depends on our interaction.
What has the feedback been from your clients? Do they prefer digital fitness coaching compared to in-person coaching?
I have had good feedback from happy clients that have made a difference in their lives. We’ve seen people that have seen increased levels of energy, they have different food choices since going through the program, they understand the difference between the myth and the hype, they are more active, they sleep better and so they are completely happy as a result. Which is what I always tell my clients, that we are going to go through this process and the side effect is going to be that you are going to lose weight. I don’t take people that say I want to lose weight and it needs to happen in three days. I take people that say I want to change my lifestyle because they have a very good reason. It might because they want to lose weight but they need to understand that there is no magic wand, there is no miracle shake, no genie in a bottle, there is just a process, a long process. It begins with me and then ends with them because I hope they can take everything they learn from my coaching into their daily lives forever. My goal is that they don’t come back to me, then I’m happy. I do have a lot of happy clients and if they prefer digital coaching then absolutely, for the most part, I coach mums and a lot do coaching in the evening so that it's very convenient for them with video coaching. It convenient to get on a call with them once the kids are in bed, and I help them out that way. It's very good for them because they can do it from home, they’re comfortable and happy, and they know how to reach me if they need me in between sessions.
We saw that you had previously worked for Morgan Stanley. What are the biggest challenges for somebody in the busy corporate world looking to improve their fitness?
I would say the biggest challenge that corporate employees have is that they are too busy. When I think about my life back then, and my life now, they are two completely different lifestyles. I would say the lack of movement, sitting in an office, yes you go to meetings buts that are not contributing to your 10 thousand steps a day. Then you are too busy about pushing that project for the end of the month, or whatever that project is that they are working on. Your brain can only take on so much, so it leaves little time to think about, “Did I have my 5 a day, 8 or 9” They keep it increasing it but vegetables are good for you anyway! “Did I have the right amount of fibre?”, “Am I drinking enough”. All of these things. And if you’re too busy and bogged down with work, you aren't going to pay attention to that.
Did your time at Morgan Stanley teach you any skills you utilize in your work with YesCoWellness?
Yes, I pretty much grew up at Morgan Stanley, I was there for 10 years. I was a software developer so all of my technical and geeky skills are still there, and I developed my own website and do all of my technical hacks myself. Towards the latter part of my career at Morgan Stanley, I was in my managerial role so I have very good organisational skills, commitment, I very good at learning on my own, all of these skills help when you’re running your own business. So everything helps.
What's next for YesCoWellness?
Well, I have lots of plans, lots of ideas and only two hands. So next, my group coaching is currently in English and I’m moving it to be also conducted in Spanish, my website needs to be translated into Spanish. I have developed workshops around my coaching because I understand that not everyone needs 3 months of being handheld. I understand that not everyone needs one on one coaching, so I’m developing workshops that are around these three pillars of wellness so that people already have some good habits, but only need a little bit of clarification or help in the three pillars of wellness are able to come to YesCoWellness and find what they need. Currently, I only offer one workshop and it's on nutrition, and the other two workshops are coming, which are on exercise, sleep habits routines and hygiene.