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Justin Winters
Screenwriter | Lecturer | Producer | Development Executive | Founder @ Sixty Second Script School
Learn How to Become a Professional Screenwriter with 60-Second Daily Lectures with Sixty Second Script School.
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Spencer Galbreath
Founder @ DRI Inc.
Spencer is the founder and CEO of the marketing advertising agency DRI Inc., a creative advertising, and marketing agency for dreamers, risk takers, and innovators.
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Brian-Joseph Wangenheim
CEO/Creative Professional
Creative Professional based in Los Angeles, Brian takes on any project in one of the many mediums he is inspired to create in!
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Sashin Govender
The Millionaire Student
Sashin Govender, 24 Years Old, born and raised in Durban, South Africa. He was introduced to personal development at a tender age of 8 years old, he declared his mindset is his largest Asset.
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Lara Grün
Founder @ Cousture
Lara is the founder of Cousture, a website that offers it's clients selected designer fashion by independent fashion designers.
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Buck Angel
Founder @ Pride Wellness, Entertainer, Activist
Buck Angel is a world-renowned motivational speaker, pioneering filmmaker and a human rights activist.
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Norbert Hillinger
Innovation Consultant; Founder @ Berlin Retail Tour; Co-Founder @ GDOS playroomrocks
Norbert is an Innovation Consultant. He's founded Berlin Retail Tour and GDOS playroomrocks.
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Josh DeWare
Graphic Designer @ The Sierra Club
Oakland-based graphic designer, that grew up in Highland Park, Los Angeles. Previously inspired by the skate scene in native Los Angeles, DeWare now works to promote conservation of our wild areas.
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Noelle Hoffman
VIsual Designer
Visual Designer based in San Francisco working with Samba TV, previously working for IBM
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Joanna Bown
Executive Business Coach
Distinctions Executive Coaching is an accredited London corporate coaching practice.
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Renée Strauss
Founder @ WEDAWAYS
In 2015, Renée founded, which streamlines & simplifies the entire process of planning & managing destination weddings & honeymoons.
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Jordan Dale Young
Graphic Designer & Vector Artist
Jordan Dale Young is a graphic designer, illustrator, and vector artist.

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