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Kamilė Jokubaitė
CEO @ Attention Insight
Attention Insight improves advertising through AI.
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Ane Carlsen
Co-Founder & CEO @ Adbooker
Our mission is to close the gap between advertisers and publishers by creating an open and transparent online marketplace for offline ad space.
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Marc Süß
CEO @ SIGMUND TALKS / Gravitales GmbH
We believe that the future of artificial intelligence can support people - and even promote their creativity. That's why we've developed SIGMUND TALKS.
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Jesper Jarlbæk
Business Angel, Chairman @ CATACAP
Jesper is a business angel and professional board member.
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Christoph Hüning
Managing Partner @ Next Media Accelerator
At the Next Media Accelerator, Christoph works with media tech startups from Europe, Israel and US to bring digital transformation to the media industry.
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Itzhak Fisher
Founder & General Partner @ Pereg Ventures
Pereg Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early stage U.S. and Israeli startups, focused on B2B data solutions that accelerate consumer-driven enterprises.
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Shabbir Evershine
Founder @ RoketPMO & Proptech Startup
16+ years of proven success in public, private and startup environments. Enterprise PMO builder in payments, banking, technology, and government verticals. Caped-crusader against homelessness and child poverty.
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Erica Dodds
Executive Director @ Healthy Climate Alliance
Erica guides the development and implementation of strategic plans for the Healthy Climate Alliance.
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Henry Gordon-Smith
Founder @ Agritecture
Henry Gordon-Smith, Urban Agritecture Consultant
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Caroline Klatt
Co-Founder & CEO @ Headliner Labs
Headliner is pioneering the path for mobile commerce, building the most personalized and engaging messaging experience for your customers.
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Kathryn Crous
Founder at EMR Forensics Expert LLC
Interpreting the integrity of the Electronic Medical Records technology stack
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Yudhi Rahadian
Technopreneur:IOT and 5G Consultant @Techbros
Technical strategy and converting prototypes/solutions into products. Creative innovation, structuring concepts and presenting them as rounded narratives.

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