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Brian-Joseph Wangenheim
CEO/Creative Professional
Creative Professional based in Los Angeles, Brian takes on any project in one of the many mediums he is inspired to create in!
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Joanna Bown
Executive Business Coach
Distinctions Executive Coaching is an accredited London corporate coaching practice.
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Rayk Hahne
Founder & CEO @ codu Training, Business Consultant
Rayk is an entrepreneur and sales professional with 10 years of experience and a passion for sales and consulting.
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Patrick Prohaska
Founder @ Light Bridge Academy
Patrick is owner and operator of Light Bridge Academy, where he offers tools to "Be Your Higher Self".
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Ash Brown
Founder @ Ash Said It LLC
Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker, media personality and event emcee.
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Vladimir Paniouchkine
Co-Founder & CEO @ The Mr. & Ms. Collection
The Mr. & Ms. Collection is an unlimited clothing and accessories rental subscription service for both men and women.
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Karina Antenucci
Founder @ Message Sprout and Badass + Healthy
Karina is a Senior Copywriter, Editor, and Brand Strategist at Message Sprout and Badass + Healthy.
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Jason Kraus
Founder & CEO @ Prepare 4 VC
Jason is a Venture Capital Investor; Startup Consultant and Advisor, and Entrepreneur.
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Bruno Marino
Founder & CEO @ Planet Alpha Corp
Planet Alpha Corp (“PαC”) was formed to develop new practices for planetary management and stewardship now and for the future of our ever increasing population of humanity.
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Leonid Mechik
Founder & CEO @ INHUBBER
INHUBBER is a young start-up based in Berlin, developing a cost-efficient contract lifecycle management.
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Charlene Rymsha
Founder @ Everyday Coherence
Everyday Coherence helps you Say Goodbye to Burnout.
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Steve Schroeder
CEO & Founder @ Smart Community Technologies
Steve is the founder and CEO of Smart Community Technologies, a mobile technologies firm specializing in Geo Fencing, Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Identity Theft.

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