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Christian Ehl
Curator & Digital Transformation Expert @ The Do School
Using AI for a brighter future, while not letting the bots take over. An Internet activist working with people to leverage digital technologies for a better life.
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Jake Melton
Founder @ J.B. Melton Group
Intergenerational Management & Leadership Consulting
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Peter Ayeni
Founder & Creative Technologist @ Mbele
I am Peter Ayeni I am using technology innovations for social good. SDG and Girls in STEM advocate.
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Mike Mulure
Founder & Director of Blackboy Media Lab
Blackboy Media Lab offers a 15-week media training and mentorship program for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to become media content creators.
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Agha Hamza
Incubator Portfolio Manager
Incubator Manager at Ilm Ideas2, Global Ambassador at HelloTomorrow, Country Lead & social enterprise expert at World Summit Awards, Advocate of Human Rights & Social Entrepreneurship.
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Muhammad Waqas
CEO & Co-Founder @ WonderTree
Startups, marketing, strategy, bootstrapping, advertising. Leading a team of crazy, passionate and driven individuals to create a positive impact on the world.
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Tino Hahn
Senior Manager Business Development @ is the biggest news portal for adults in Germany, with an age range of 18 -35 years old. They publish both national to international news and feature stories from a number of industries. They commit to publishing news without 'Bla Bla'.
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Shreya Mazumdar
Founder & Activist @ Paaq Bandhu
Independent Documentary Filmmaker and a person who believes in the potential of one single individual, prayers and dedicated actions towards permanent change.
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Martijn Nekoui
CEO & Founder @ MOAM
MOAM platform offers the opportunity for young creative talents to be coached by iconic names from the Dutch creative industry and to deliver art and culture to a broad audience.
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Marine Tanguy
Founder @ MTArt
MTArt is the first artist agency in the world. Artists are chosen on innovative techniques, inspiring content and strong vision. MTArt covers their studio costs, sells their works, implement cultural & commercial partnerships and offers press exposure.

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