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Pleasance Silicki
Founder @ lil omm
Choose Joy. Keep it Simple. Wisdom and Wellness Practices for Your Life.
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Barbie Brewer
Chief Culture Officer @ GitLab, Inc.
HR executive with 20+ years experience in Human Resources leadership across multiple business cycles, industries, and countries
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Stephen Shelley
Co-Founder @ Ownstream
Entrepreneur | Coach | Platform Creator | Visionary | Seeker | Daddy
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Scott Bennett
Founder & CEO at Skratch
Solid business development and marketing leader with an expertise in sales management, innovative marketing, consultative selling, and client delivery.
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Paul Mendoza
Founder & CEO @ Dragnet Tech
Technology leader passionate about solving the modern day sales operation challenges.
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Sara Roberts
Founder @ Healthy Nibbles
In 2014 I founded Healthy Nibbles, a dedicated healthy vending, b2b and white label snack delivery service.
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Mal Harrison
Founder @ The Center for Erotic Intelligence
Sexologist, therapist, educator, TEDx speaker, and the founder of Center for Erotic Intelligence.
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Rebecca Alvarez Story
Founder @ The Bloomi
The Bloomi is the first e-marketplace that sells healthy intimate care products.
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Robyn Gray
Co-Founder & CCO @ Otherworld Interactive, Forbes 30 Under 30
Designing, art-ing, and programming immersive and awesome worlds. Crafting narrative experiences in other worlds.
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Pascal Kuehnhenrich
Co-founder @ KiteBnB & Swease
Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Ocean-lover
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Manuel Bönisch
CSO @ ProGlove
We connect the human worker to the industrial IoT.
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Katherine Curtin, Phd
Founder @ Neolth
Neolth is a platform that helps healthcare professionals connect patients to integrative wellness practices, using a scientific self-learning algorithm.

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